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18 years as an Agency Owner and Creative Director

Next up as part of our “sharing the wisdom” series: Glynn Hayward, Owner of and Creative Director at Complete Control. Glynn has been leading the talented team at Complete Control in producing digital content for the best in children’s TV and publishing from his picturesque studio just outside of Bath.

Now, Glynn, in an attempt to capture some of your wisdom you’ve gained as a professional so far, what are “5 stand-out things” you’ve learned over the past 18 years as an Agency Owner and Creative Director?

Glynn Hayward

  1. Work hard and be nice to people. I always remember seeing this poster in a design studio when I first started out and I can still picture it now. I think it sums things up perfectly.
  2. BGlynn Hayward, Owner of and Creative Director at Complete Controle enthusiastic about what you do. Enthusiasm rubs off on the people you work with and the people you want to do business with. In children’s media you need to be a bit bouncy as it’s so much fun! Work is all about people, so work with people who excite you.
  3. Be yourself and be different. I’ve created a studio culture and identity around my own values and beliefs. Don’t fall into the design/media cliche in how to portray yourself. Working in a field just outside of Bath, and naming the company after my favourite Clash song, hasn’t done me any harm. There’s no need to follow the others – be different.
  4. Play the role of the client. I always put myself in the shoes of a client when working on our projects, continually challenging us as an agency before the client sees the end result. Clients are so important, so try and become one in your day to day thinking.
  5. Make time for your own projects. It’s really important to try and find the time in a busy agency for your own projects. Some of our internal training projects have gone on to win us work. Our ideas for children’s brands have opened doors which we couldn’t have done if we were always heads down on client projects. Clients love to see their agencies doing cool things too.

Thank you Glynn for sharing!