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ADLIB Creative Employment Survey 2017

Today, we are launching our ‘2017 Creative Employment Survey (South West)’.

The purpose of this is to produce a snapshot of where ‘Creative Employment’ is at currently in the South West and where we are heading.

It’s about the areas that truly matter in this context and questions revolving around:

How optimistic is the South West Creative sector about growth?

What Creative skills are in demand? What’s ‘Top Creative Talent’ today?

Are there enough of the ‘right’ Creative skills in the South West? Are there any Creative skills gaps?

What does it take to retain top Creative Talent today in the South West?

So, we’re calling on you to provide the answers that will allow us to produce the results. It’s a short, sharp multiple choice survey that will only take a few minutes of your time.

Absolutely hand on heart: the results you provide are completely anonymous to ADLIB. We will have no trail of where they have come from, nor will they be shared with any third parties or used for any other reason than this survey.

A copy of the results will be readily available to anybody and everybody who wishes to view and download of course.

A big ‘thank you’ in advance!

Take the Creative Employment Survey