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ADLIB’s Tech, Creative and Marketing Career Workshops

We are taking Bristol Giving Day as an opportunity to launch and run our first round of “ADLIB Career Workshops” here in our office.

The workshops are part of our overarching mission to enable growth and to support individuals and businesses to achieve their ambitions. For this, we’ve carefully crafted initiatives to support growth, to address common challenges we hear often named as barriers to enabling growth: upskilling opportunities, finding the right talent, leadership capacity as well as closing the skills gap – a challenge we are hoping our Career Workshops will help to tackle on a local micro scale, one session at a time.

As part of Bristol Giving Day today, we are collaborating with Babbasa, a Bristol-based youth empowerment group who aim to support the professional aspirations of young people, irrespective of their background.

We are inviting Babbasa students, specifically groups of young people that are aspiring to a career within either Technology, Creative or Marketing.

During 3 separate sector specific sessions our team of expert Recruitment Consultants will be giving advice on career opportunities and avenues – with lots of space for them to ask all the questions they have about the sector they are interested in. We will also be offering practical and hands on advice, help and guidance to adjust and tweak their CVs.

We’re going to be organising and running career workshops within our sectors all year round. Looking forward to launching this format and the opportunity to guide and meet the next gen of talent over some pizza and juice.

Here at ADLIB we’re at the coalface when it comes to hearing of the demands on skills across the creative, marketing and technology industries. From long standing skill shortages to the emerging and the next big thing that everybody’s going to be crying out for. On a daily basis we’re exposed to numerous angles, from the candidates looking to grow and develop and break new ground, to the businesses figuring how they can meet their full potential in challenging employment markets.

We’re in a position to help inform future generations of the opportunities that exist for them – demystifying the jargon and hopefully supporting them through valuable knowledge when it comes to making well informed decisions as why a career in the creative, marketing and technology industries could and should be a highly rewarding career decision.

We’re making it part of our mission to build a series of events and opportunities to share our knowledge. This is simply the starting point.

Nick Dean, MD at ADLIB