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A career in social media – Ellis Wheatley

To shed some light on what a career in social media entails, we are catching up with a range of Social Media Professionals to showcase some career journeys and paths into the industry.

Here our chat with Ellis Wheatley to find out about her career in social media so far. Ellis Wheatley is a social media professional based in the South West with over four years’ experience. She’s currently Social Media Manager for the UK’s largest mortgage broker, having gained her experience at digital agencies and in house at the National Trust.

ADLIB: How did you get ‘into’ social media. What has been the career path that lead you to it?

Ellis Wheatley: After graduating, I upped sticks and headed to Bristol. I was lucky enough to join some great creative agencies – starting as a fresh-faced and bushy-tailed Social Media Executive.

Honestly, I hadn’t used Twitter before I was offered my first job as Social Media Executive, but I had bags of creativity and enthusiasm and was ensured that best practice could be learned.

If you’re looking for creative work, youthful energy and a fast-paced environment you’ll love working at agencies. I’ve been lucky enough to progress and haven’t been held back by the rigid ceilings that I’ve heard exist in other industries. Instead, I’ve helped manage a range of brands’ social media accounts, across various industries.

In 2015 I moved from a creative agency to progress in-house at the National Trust – and I loved every minute of it.

ADLIB: What does a typical work day/ week look like for you now (if there is such thing) and what do you like most about your job?

Ellis Wheatley: Most of all, I enjoy the freedom that my work brings. Social media management puts you in a position to offer communications best practice advice across an organisation.

A typical day varies considerably, but always begins with me checking the social channels that I care for and – depending on the size of the online community at your organisation – this can take minutes or hours!

Over the course of a working week, I’ll be involved in content planning and creation, community engagement, competitor analysis, following up customer enquiries and liaising with relevant teams, analysing and reporting on performance, optimising content, working with the PR/ Marketing/ Compliance/ Customer Service teams and – externally – liaising with design agencies, SEO agencies and freelancers. Beyond this, I take care of reviews platforms, social advertising budgets and get creative by designing visual content.

ADLIB: What avenues would you recommend to people within social media to keep their skills and industry knowledge up to date?

Ellis Wheatley: First and foremost, stay curious – other brands are doing social well and it pays to keep an eye on them.

I stay up to date with on-platform announcements and also regularly find inspiration on The Drum – which offers campaign roundups.

ADLIB: And finally, what piece of advice would you give your younger self, just entering social media as a professional? Is there any advice that could have helped you along the way?

Ellis Wheatley: “Have fun, speak up and get involved!”

Remember, you’re in an industry that Brits choose to immerse themselves in for up to 2 hours a day… and your day job is all part of that fun!

So don’t sweat it: enjoy your work and get excited about your channels and the content that you create.

Thank You Ellis for sharing!