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Client Side Marketing in the South West – Our Take

Shapes In House Marketing roles could take


A “Client Side” marketing role is essentially any marketing position whereby the candidate is employed directly by the business owner of the product or service being promoted.

There are many businesses located within the South West that have a marketing function, from start ups to large corporates. The main geographical hubs are: Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton and Gloucester. In terms of types of businesses that have a strong presence within the South West (especially Bristol and Bath) the main sectors are: financial services, legal / professional services, retail / FMCG, technology, start ups (mainly tech) and employers within creative industries.

Start ups to SMEs would ordinarily have a standalone marketing function present or alternatively will employ a small marketing department of between 2-3 people whilst big corporates could have large marketing departments of up to c/ 50 employees. Working for a small company means that the employee will tend to work in a broader role, crossing a number of functions, whereas in larger organisations you tend to find more specialist and clearly defined roles.

Job titles typically seen in SMEs (depending on the level) tend to range from Marketing Assistant, Marketing Executive / Coordinator, Digital Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager or Digital Marketing Manager (a nature of the business will determine whether the job title and responsibilities will be biased towards digital or traditional marketing). Additional functions seen within larger businesses typically are: PR / Communications Manager, Events Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager + digital specialist functions.

Some sector trends


The biggest shift in Client Side Marketing teams is the continued move towards having a stronger digital presence, and as such a digital first approach. There will always be a requirement for traditional/offline marketing, but more and more Client Side businesses are bringing their digital skills in house.

Gone are the days where digital was a luxury, or a specialist skill set, some specific skills such as PPC and SEO remain specialist, but more and more the generalist marketer is expected to have a good, well rounded understanding and experience of broad digital channels. Content is becoming increasingly important thanks to Google, and there is a necessity to have strong copywriters within the teams.

Having good data, customer insight and analytics to drive commercial decisions and optimise campaigns is becoming far more commonplace, and GDPR looks set to revolutionise the way businesses communicate with their customers. Being commercial and highly analytical is just as valuable as being creative within a marketing team these days.

Businesses continue having to keep up with the latest technological advances, now implementing automation, voice tech, chatbots, AI, programmatic and many other features. Whether they use specialist agencies to support with this, or have the skills in house depends on the business, but the landscape continues to change and Client Side marketing teams have to keep up with all of the latest trends and developments.


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