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Customer driven Digital Transformation

We took the chance to talk to some of the speakers ahead of the eCommerce South West event. The lineup of sessions and speakers is looking interesting to say the least, proud to be event sponsors for another year.

James Chudley, Experience Director at cxpartners is speaking about “Customer driven Digital Transformation”. Digital Transformation projects can go wrong if driven by the needs of the business rather than the needs of customers. We took the opportunity to ask him about this topic and his upcoming session.

ADLIB: Do you have any top tips to ensure that customers are the fundamental consideration in any Digital Transformation?

James Chudley: Sure, by spending time with your customers and understanding what problems they have in their lives and how they go about doing things, you stand the best chance of ‘transforming’ into something that will be valuable to them.

James Chudley

If transformation is purely driven on things like technology change, competitors or business, your transformation becomes purely tactical. A commitment to transforming based on a clear understanding of user needs grounds your strategy in reality and will be long lasting.

This helps to put the timescale of transformation into perspective. If you have a technology focus, the danger is that people think the transformation is complete once it has been implemented. In reality, transformation projects should be ongoing. A strong customer focus acknowledges this by aiming to meet existing user needs as well as how a business should continue to transform to support them inevitably changing over time.

ADLIB: Can you share some practical tips on How To understand the customers’ needs? 

James Chudley: Data is helpful but it doesn’t help you to necessarily understand why people are doing what they are doing. We use qualitative techniques to help to understand the ‘why’ such as spending time with customers asking them questions, observing their behaviour and getting them to try and use things we’ve made.

We use what we learn to shape the things that we make in terms of what we make in the first place and subsequently how we change it to work more effectively for the people who are going to use it.

This process enables our clients to understand more about what the lives of their customers are actually like and how they actually go about doing the things that are of interest to our clients. It uncovers where things don’t work properly, un-met needs and critical opportunities for innovation, which can then be used to help influence the direction of transformation projects.

ADLIB: What will participants be able to take away from and learn about during your eCommerce SW session?

James Chudley: I plan to cover why companies want to transform and why they often fail. Critically I’ll be talking about how their customers can help their transformation projects and what tools and techniques we’ve used successfully with our clients in the past to help them to do this.

About James Chudley, Experience Director at cxpartners: James is one of the UK’s leading experience design consultants with over 19 years experience. He leads large scale UX research and design projects for high-profile global commercial clients. He co-wrote ‘Smashing UX Design’ & authored “Usability of Web Photos” and co-founded UXBristol in 2011.

About eCommerce South West: This one-day event is for anyone who is looking to grow, improve and refine their websites’ online experiences. Learn from the experts and define the future of your business online.