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Data, Insight & Analytics Employment – Our Take

2018 continues to see the rise of data, insight and analytics across organisations large and small. Increasingly, businesses are starting to see the value of becoming data driven and utilising the vast amounts of data that their apps, websites and internal systems hold.

We have continued to see the advance of data driven marketing, using customer data to personalise marketing, thus improving the customer experience. On top of this, decision science is becoming more and more popular with companies either using 3rd party tools or creating internal teams to support data driven decision making across their business.

We are also witnessing an increasing level of companies utilising real-time streaming data, the result of which is an increasing demand for big data engineering and architecture specialists. This is especially true with many businesses moving across to Cloud providers such as AWS and Azure. Using this technology combined with big data lakes such as Hadoop, companies are able to get real-time information from data which used to take hours or days to process.

Start-ups are wanting to take advantage of machine learning in their products from an early stage, meaning that competition for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers continues to increase, and whilst there are more graduates coming to market with relevant skills, businesses continue to look to hire Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers with 2+ years commercial experience.

This is likely to continue to drive up the salaries for these roles. More specifically in the world of marketing analytics and customer insight, we are witnessing an increased need for these skilled individuals, at a rapid rate. Having a specialist analytics team is becoming very much the norm, especially true for businesses with huge amounts of data coming from multiple streams (e.g. banking, retail/eCommerce and more recently, education institutions).

Sought After Skills

Businesses don’t just want to know how a campaign performed, they want to know which segments they should be spending their money on; which channel is leading to the most conversions; and of course – who their customers are. Predictive analytics, profiling, segmentation and clustering – these are all sought after skills of 2018 and beyond. Marketing analytics is going beyond the use of Google/Adobe analytics – businesses are now wanting real-time data, and to be one step ahead of their competitors.

The good news is that this means that the marketing analytics market is buoyant, with plenty of opportunities for the taking. With so many businesses implementing more advanced analytics tools, it’s a very competitive market for attracting and retaining top talent. This means looking beyond the salaries that are being paid, and also considering benefits such as flexible working and employee perks.

For those currently working in or pursuing a career in analytics, staying up to date with novel tools is crucial. Investing in statistical analysis/data science courses will help you to stand out from the crowd.

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