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Some Digital Agency Client Strategy Director Wisdom for you

Next up as part of our “sharing the wisdom” series: Karen Pearce, Client Strategy Director at Digital Marketing Agency Digirank.

Karen Howell

After graduating with a degree in Marketing & French, Karen started her career in international marketing. The role was a Marketing & PR role where she earned experience in running marketing campaigns as well as event management, print advertising and email marketing.

After several years she made the decision to specialise in digital marketing and joined Digirank. Since joining Digirank 6 years ago, Karen has grown with the company, undertaking numerous roles from online marketing specialist to running the SEO department and finally to her latest role as Client Strategy Director.

In this role she oversees the delivery of digital marketing campaigns for a broad range of businesses. Importantly she ensures that the digital marketing strategy meets the client’s wider business aims.

Now, Karen, in an attempt to capture some of the wisdom you’ve gained as a professional so far, what are “5 stand-out things” you’ve learned, while working within the digital agency landscape.

 Karen Pearce

  1. Always be prepared to learn, adapt and grow. This is especially relevant for anyone looking to work in digital marketing. The web is a constantly evolving space and you need to evolve with it. If you embrace these changes you will find it easier to identify new opportunities. Make the most of all the available opportunities, try new things and you will start to create really innovative and market-leading campaigns.
  2. Build a network. I genuinely believe that businesses and careers are built on relationships. Make time for people and dedicate time to building your network. You never know what one conversation may lead to. At Digirank we are fortunate to have a brilliant network of partner agencies, businesses and contacts in Bristol and beyond. Say yes to invitations, turn up to events or social occasions and talk to people. Importantly nowadays you should speak directly to people or arrange face-to-face meetings. Email or social media is an easy and time efficient way to reach out to someone but a relationship built this way will never be as strong as a face-to-face one.
  3. Don’t be afraid to own something. Especially in digital marketing, the opportunity is there to own a new channel, platform or technique. Decide that you want to be an expert at something and make it happen. Whereas in other, more traditional professions you need to follow a set path to become an expert, digital is much more fluid and self-taught. Experience will make you a better digital marketer, but have the confidence to start somewhere.
  4. Reflect on your successes. Always take time to reflect on your successes, personally and in a business context. Take a step back and remind yourself what you set out to achieve. Did you do it? We’re very fortunate in digital marketing that everything is so easy to track. You can see exactly how many people your campaign reached, how they responded to it and whether it led to sales or leads.
    Set time to analyse your results and act accordingly. If you hit your targets, let your client know. If you didn’t, it’s an opportunity to reflect on how to do it differently next time.
  5. Be positive. My last piece of advice (and probably the best one) is to be positive. Having a can-do attitude will help you be more productive as you won’t spend time worrying about not being able to do something. Your positivity will spread too – it has the ability to lift your colleagues and the businesses that you work with.

Thank you Karen for sharing!