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Employee advocacy and LinkedIn – Get them working in tandem

As the BMC’s South West Founding Partner we got the chance to have a chat with Luan Wise, who will be speaking at the first BMC event here in the South West, May 10th, 8am – 9.30am. A breakfast event about Employee advocacy and LinkedIn – How to get them working in tandem for your business.

Here, what Luan shared with us:


ADLIB: Can we start with ‘Why’. Why should every business embrace the power of ’employee advocacy’?

Luan Wise: A company’s employees are its most valuable assets, but in terms of social media activity not many marketers are tapping into this resource to help generate content and maximise the reach of their messages. It’s not an easy ask for help. It’s seen as a demand on time. However, if it can be embraced, it works. People do business with people. Messages are trusted far more when they are shared by employees, rather than corporate accounts. Using employees as advocates not only supports customer acquisition and retention but it’s hugely important for talent acquisition and staff satisfaction/retention too.

ADLIB: Do you have any favourites? Can you share any examples of those that are getting it right in your opinion, for some inspiration?

Luan Wise: It’s widely reported that IBM have embraced employee advocacy and achieved great results from it, and the platforms that support employee advocacy such as LinkedIn Elevate and Oktopost also cite the larger tech companies in their case study portfolios. For inspiration I would turn to a newly published book entitled ‘participation marketing’ by Michael Brito. This is packed full of background information, ideas and examples that a business of any size can begin to implement.

ADLIB: Can you share some starting points, your top tips for businesses to get started and to keep their employee advocacy strategy on track?

Luan Wise: I don’t believe this is a quick win. It requires a culture change and therefore the programme needs to be implemented in small steps over a time period of 6 months+. At the outset objectives and measurements for success need to be agreed. It also needs to start at the top, with directors and senior managers taking the lead. Within an organisation it can be helpful to establish a smaller team of ambassadors or champions. Giving them specific tasks eg email marketing once a week with something you are working on, or an event you are attending. Gamifying the tasks, and creating a league table can bring out the competitive side in anyone. It’s important to communicate regularly and share results to keep an employee advocacy strategy on track.

Looking forward to hearing more from Luan on the 10th, event details are on Eventbrite. Hope to see you there!


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