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Execute Content Marketing: An Introduction to AbleGrad

We’re handing over this post to Tom Sandford, founder of AbleGrad. Tom’s a digital strategist and entrepreneur that has developed a business model that taps into the talent our graduates of the future have to offer.

Execute Content Marketing – An Introduction to AbleGrad

Ideas are nothing without execution. Execution is hard when you’re short on time and cash but without executing that great idea, without testing to see if it works, growth is impossible.  Catch 22

The fundamental problem is most of us aren’t writers.

This is perfectly demonstrated with content marketing.  How many great businesses do you know that have setup a blog and not updated in 3 months?   Don’t blame the business owners (or yourselves if this sounds familiar) creating content is hard.  The fundamental problem is most of us aren’t writers.

How do you go from skilled but no experience to skilled with experience?

This problem for business is remarkably similar to that facing creative graduates.  How do you go from skilled but no experience to skilled with experience?  If you had a chance to show your talent, to show the value that you can bring to a project and build your portfolio wouldn’t that be best for both you and potential employers?

Linking ambitious businesses with talented graduates

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.  The opportunity is obvious.  If we can find a way to link those ambitious businesses with talented graduates then collectively we can test those ideas.  Graduates can build their portfolios and prove the value they bring.  Both can grow

Searching for Ambitious businesses and Grads

AbleGrad has been developed to execute that idea.  We’re offering a limited early release to businesses and graduates in the south west to help us develop the service.  If you or your customers are struggling to execute your content marketing strategy or are simply looking to get started, we’d love to have a chat .

About the author: Tom Sandford

I’m the founder of AbleGrad and a digital strategist with a background helping small businesses grow their audience profitably.  While developing the e-commerce sites for a small business I discovered the value and untapped talent that UK Grads have. 

If you’re a business that gets content marketing but lacks the resource to get started or a talented writer looking to start your career I’d love to hear from you.