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Generating a Regional Skills Base for a FinTech Future in Bristol

We are proud to be trusted by FinTech (financial technology) organisations across the South West and beyond to support the growth of their teams. To further the overall development, we are continually looking to craft initiatives in order to address common recruitment challenges like upskilling opportunities, finding the right talent, enabling growth and closing the skills gap in the industry.Alex Cosgrove

Last week, I was invited to be a panellist at the Skills West / UWE  conference “Generating a Regional Skills Base for a FinTech Future”. Involving myself and 5 FinTech industry experts, the initiative of the conference was to bring together local education providers, disruptors, government corporates and recruitment professionals to try to tackle any barriers to Bristol becoming a hub for FinTech companies to flourish in.

Surprisingly, not many people are even aware of the term Fintech or how it impacts their daily lives. It’s been concluded that Bristol as a city can encourage further development to ensure that financial technology is wider known and understood. Here, you can find my key takeaways from the conference…

    1. FinTech companies need to get their message across about their purpose and why it is good for consumers
    2. There is a disconnect between what talent FinTech companies want to hire and the available talent coming out of Universities and Further Education colleges
    3. Bristol is well suited to developing the industry as there are over 30000 Financial Services professionals in Bristol/SW as well as a historic high tech sector and a lot of startup tech companies.
    4. Higher education providers need to understand the FinTech industry more to be able to provide good careers advice to students about FinTech.
    5. There is a great deal of commitment for Educational Providers, Local Disruptors, Local Government and Corporates to work together to help develop Bristol to being a FinTech hub.

If you would like any more info on gaining skills in this space or would like to learn more about growing your team, please feel free to get in touch at any time.

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