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How CSR Contributes to Employee Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) increasingly matters to employees – they care if their employer does something ‘good’ and socially responsible for the community and in what they offer customers. They are looking for purpose in an employer as well as values that fit their own – from our perspective and based on the conversations that we have with candidates, this seems particularly important to the millennial workforce.

As part of our involvement in the Bristol Media People Forum Event Series, we took the chance to gather Sue Turner’s take on CSR. She is the CEO of Quartet Community Foundation – an organisation with the mission to inspire philanthropy across the West of England and to give everyone a fair chance of a good life. Sue and her team created and delivered Bristol Giving Day to stimulate businesses and their staff to give to small local causes rather than always choosing a large, brand name charity of the year.

Sue’s take is that “The theory is that volunteering, fundraising and pro bono support for socially responsible purposes is great for employee engagement but the facts suggest most companies’ CSR is missing the point. Less than 5% of employees sign up where employers offer payroll giving schemes; less than 15% of paid volunteering hours are actually used and 90% of charitable donations go to the largest charities that have little – or nothing – to do with engaging locally.

Employers need to start by being honest about what they can really achieve with their responsible business programmes and, if they’re really serious, they need to treat employee engagement opportunities in the same way they regard CPD, as a compulsory part of every team members’ role. Then we’ll move from businesses simply ticking the box by having a CSR policy to being part of changing the world around them.”

The next People Forum Event “Corporate Social Responsibility – How To Get It Right” is also set to feature Dan Foster, Talent Acquisition Manager at Triodos Bank and Nick Davies, who launched

Event organiser Richard Roberts of en:Rich HR said…

“This event is all about helping organisations understand what CSR is, how to get it right and hear first-hand from those who already have an established CSR policy. They’ll leave with tips they put into practice – and the good thing about CSR is that you don’t need a huge budget to get it off the ground. It increasingly matters to people that the organisation they work for, or are customers of, do something good and socially responsible for the community. Therefore CSR policy, with its focus on positive values, can help make a real impact on both the business and wider communities.”

We are looking forward to it! See you on Thursday, 29th November between 9.30am-12pm at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol. For some more information and to book your ticket head to Eventbrite.