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How to become an… Account Manager

Next up, as part of our “how to become a” series, we are going to share with you how to get ahead and further your journey in the client services sector to become an account manager.

If you’re wondering what it means to be an account manager, how to take the Amy Nicolleap from account executive to account manager and how to stay on top of the game, here you can find some insightful advice from the perspective of Amy Nicol, Account Manager. Amy has been working as an agency client services professional for 3 years.

We caught up with Amy to collect her top pieces of advice to give you the best chance at thriving in this industry.

So, Amy, what five pieces of advice can you share that could help those who are keen to take a leap into an account manager role, what steps did you take to achieve your current success?

Amy says:

  1. Communicate. Always talk to your peers and your clients, listen and absorb and offer insight. Communication is the key to being successful in client services.
  2. Be flexible (not physically!) Always be able to adapt to a change in environment, project or people – no day is the same in agency life so, enjoy it!
  3. Be a swan. To achieve smooth, efficient and profitable running of accounts is vital. The creative makes a campaign but without the account handling, it can be messy. Go at 100 miles an hour, less haste more speed but always remain as calm as a swan.
  4. Think big. Agency life is reactive and quick, there’s often little time to think. Yet, the fine art is to always think long term, remember the bigger picture to offer the best possible solution to your client.
  5. Read read read. As soon as you get your foot in the door, the best thing you can do is sign up to every industry newsletter possible (client specific is always good too). Not only is it really interesting but you become a source of knowledge internally and externally which is invaluable. (Campaign, Marketing week, the Drum etc).

Thanks for sharing!