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“It’s a lonely life being a B2B marketer…”?

…well, it doesn’t have to be says Dave Stevens, the Chair of the Business Marketing Club and Director of Marketing at British Land.

The BMC is founded on the premise that the people most equipped to help B2B marketers are B2B marketers. We totally agree and we are proud to make official that we are now the BMC’s South West Founding Partner.

To share a bit more about the The Business Marketing Club, which has only recently expanded its event offering to the South West, we asked Dave Stevens:

What’s the background of the BMC and it’s purpose here in the South West?

Dave Stevens: All the marketing professional bodies (whether about accreditation, coaching and mentoring, networking and socializing, or training (general education and specific)) focus on B2C rather than B2B. There are no examples of off-line and informal networking and socialising activities organized for B2B marketers.

We’re on our own. But we shouldn’t despair.

Back in 2013 a group of B2B marketers conceived of a self-help group for B2B marketers called the Business Marketing Club.

We saw the group as guiding, strengthening, and renewing the B2B Marketing profession. The Club would give the B2B Marketer the reassurance that they’re doing the right thing or the help to do the right thing. It would be something that helps navigate the profession through the challenges of being a marketer in the tweenies and beyond. The Club would offer a clear voice of the profession to those outside of it. And the Club would give the profession a future. It would help the new B2B marketer to take their first, second, and third steps in this brilliant profession. We envisaged a community of business marketers who can support one another to overcome the marketing challenges faced by their organisations.

The BMC is now reality and offers an online and offline support network for doing the toughest marketing in the world. We provide regular opportunities to meet with other business marketers to share experiences, support, and learnings.

ADLIB: What is the BMC’s mission and offering here in the South West?
Dave Stevens: Not every B2B marketers’ challenges are the same. And we recognise that. Marketing agencies seek different support to marketing client-side to marketing partners. Bristol needs different support to Coventry to London. So our networks match like challenges. The agendas of our meetings are set by our members locally. We don’t invite self-proclaimed experts to talk to us – instead fellow marketers offer their views on an issue. Recently in London we’ve talked about marketing qualifications and training, how to test the marketing we do, and how to do international marketing well.

And the BMC offers a mentoring scheme for members, enabling you to talk to industry leaders and and learn from their experience. It’s one of the most effective ways to fast-track your career. Bringing together marketers from leading clients, agencies and vendors, provides a unique opportunity for us to help each other.

We’ve now got hundreds of members across the UK and we’re setting up in Bristol to support client-side and agency marketers based in the South-West.

ADLIB: What do your current members say? Can you share what you hear from them, what they see as major benefits of being a member?

Dave Stevens: Our members tell us there are three benefits of being part of the BMC. That it’s good for the companies they work for, good for their relationships (whether with client-side marketers or agencies) and good for their careers. Financially, many of our member agencies have won significant pieces of work directly as a result of being a club member. The relationships you build ensure that you’ll be in the consideration set for pitches or be able to act as a trusted advisor.

Our client members tell us that the information they glean from other members shortens their decision-making timeframes considerably. And time, as we all know, is money.

Career wise, keeping up to date with the latest news and trends in the sector is hugely beneficial. Our technology partners are on hand to provide updates on what’s happening on this fast moving area of marketing too. And that knowledge in turn adds value to the companies we all work for, providing a win win for both attendee and sponsor.

And finally, they are able to give something back to the industry where we all live and work in. Whether it’s encouraging young team members to extend their understanding of the sector, or getting directly involved in our mentoring scheme, the BMC is committed to nurturing the very best talent in the industry.

To find out more, head to the BMC website and we will share details of South West specific events throughout 2018. We are looking forward to it all!