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Results are in! Social Media Employment and Usage Survey

First up, a huge thank you to all of those who have contributed and provided us with the information that has helped shape ADLIB’s 2016 Social Media Employment and Usage Survey Report. As with our previous surveys, we hope it is received as a valuable tool for employers and employees alike. Our objective was to provide real insight into today’s social media employment market across the South West, as well as sharing how those working within social media use social media now and plan to in the future.

The data has been collated via direct respondents of an online survey placed in October 2016, combined with ADLIB’s extensive internal data and knowledge gained from the digital sector.

We’d like to say a special thank you to our friends at Social Media Week Bristol and Bristol Media for their support in promoting the survey.

Please feel free to make contact if you’d like to get involved with one of our future surveys.

Whether you are an employer, an employee, a business considering opening operations in the South West or you are simply reading with interest, we hope you enjoy.

Survey Results