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Social Media Employment Survey (South West) 2018

The objective of our Social Media Employment Survey 2018 (In partnership with Social Media Week Bristol) is to produce an extremely valuable tool for employers and employees whose jobs involve social media, specifically to capture insights from and for the South West. If your job involves working with social media or is a pure social media role, regardless of whether you are an employee or employer, please help us with some answers.

A snapshot of where the ‘Social Media Profession’ is at currently in the South West and where we are heading. It’s about the areas that truly matter in this context and questions revolving around employee engagement, retention and salary as well as use of social media.

So we’re calling on you to provide the answers required that will allow us to produce the results. It’s a short, sharp multiple choice survey that will only take a few minutes of your time.

Please, please, please note (absolutely hand on heart promise) that the results you provide are completely anonymous. We will have no trail of where they have come from, nor will they be shared with any third parties or used for any other reason than this survey.

In return for your assistance, we’ll make the survey results readily available to everybody that wishes to receive them.

A big ‘Thank You’ in advance.

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