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Social Media Salary and Day Rate Guide (SW)

As part of our Social Media Employment and Usage Survey we’ve asked South West Social Media Professionals what they get paid. We’ve collated this in one chart, a “Social Media Salary and Day Rate Guide” for easy reference. We took into consideration the responses to our recent survey, information collated through working in this industry day in, day out, client briefs taken and placements made by ADLIB in the South West.

We stress the importance of context when making salary comparisons based on job title. In many cases there is a significant variance between the bottom end and top end of salaries paid. If you choose to make a comparison, consideration should be paid beyond simply job title. For example, take into account the business proposition, any client base, specialist knowledge, time of establishment and management responsibilities. All of which will influence salary.

To see how salaries and day rates across the digital marketing industry, and social media as a stand-alone channel compare:

Head to page 51 on the ADLIB Social Media Employment and Usage Survey Results