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What it’s like to work with Joe by Imogen

We’re honest. We know our stuff. We’re straightforward. We’re progressive. We strive for excellence. …and we do all of this as a team. We truly collaborate and we’re all about bringing great people together to make great things happen.

We recently shared that we are boosting our intake capacity, offering a structured development plan for trainees to join the team and support their growth. You can read all about our Trainee Programme here. The programme offers structured training with all the tools required to make our Trainees a success. They will be able to have a real impact, creating teams and shaping futures. Including their own that is!

Part of it is hands-on practical coaching with ongoing support from a team of mentors and managers. To capture and share some first hand experience, here is what Imogen shared about working with Joe, while working heImogen Uniacker way from Candidate Manager to Recruitment Consultant.

Imogen brings together Digital Marketing and eCommerce talent with online retailers, multi-channel businesses, ambitious SMEs and global organisations across the South West, South Coast, M4 Corridor and London.


What do you like the most about working with Joe Child?

The thing I like most about working with Joe is his unwavering support when it comes to development.

Joe has consistently gone out of his way to ensure I am developing in a way that I am happy with – through lots of training, weekly development updates and regular check-ins around my progress.

At the time I joined ADLIB, what really mattered to me was training and development and the potential to advance my career. Since starting a year ago I have developed from a candidate manager to a consultant, along the way developing skills and expertise which have put me in a brilliant position to succeed in my current role. To get there, I had weekly catch ups where my ideas were heard, and I always knew that I was being listened to. Joe was always very honest about what I needed to do to reach my goals and helped me every step of the way. Through this transparency I feel truly valued.

Practically, what did a usual week look like for you as a Trainee when you first started and what does it look like these days?

When I first started my role was very candidate driven, and a usual week in the office would revolve around sourcing great people for valued clients. Working at ADLIB, your average week usually includes at least one drinks evening/social event with colleagues, as we are a very close-knit and social office. The great location in central Bristol also means most weeks we will go out for nice lunches in St Nicks or one of the lovely pubs dotted around.

Now, while all the social bits remain the same, my role has developed into working with my own clients to match them with brilliant candidates in the area. Essentially, it now requires more account management and slightly less candidate management.

For you, what are the best bits about working in Recruitment?

Without sounding too cheesy – really making a difference to people’s lives is my favourite thing. It is easy to see recruiters as process driven and sometimes ‘unempathetic’, but this isn’t the case at ADLIB.

We genuinely care very much about both candidates and clients alike. Seeing clients grow teams and seeing individuals grow and carve out a career is priceless, as you are really making a contribution to their success. In a nutshell, clients and candidates come back to us because they trust us to do the best by them, which makes me very proud of the job I do.

Working in an office filled with your very good friends isn’t too bad either!

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