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JavaScript Developer Jobs 

You'll find that a career within Tech and Development in particular comes with the need to keep your knowledge up to date at all stages of your career. To give you a specific example, you can demonstrate this by setting up a Github/Stack account. Attending tech related meetups, reading tech blogs and building your own products/sites in your spare time will also showcase your knowledge.

Here a few examples of specific jobs: 

Senior JavaScript Developer

You'll be creating software as well as creating and extending both front and back-end functional solutions while embedding yourself within the ideas process, helping shape the technical direction of the product, business or client.

Your expert experience with JavaScript and web standards gives you knowledge of modern JavaScript libraries (such as Node, Angular, React, Ember, Vue, Meteor, Knockout, Backbone and many more) as well as hand-coded JS. Experience with HTML5, CSS3, SASS, REST and GitHub will all be very helpful. You’ll have a strong understanding of CS fundamentals and have a good amount of experience building scalable web applications. Often you’ll need a good understanding of server side components such as Node.js or Python. Any experience with Choo, RWD, Microservices, ElasticSearch, Docker or Kubernetes are usually well received.

Senior Front-End/Javascript Developer

You may be joining a Dev Team. As Senior Front-End/Javascript Developer you'll have proven skills in JavaScript (including exposure to Angular, React, Ember or others), an understanding of OOP concepts, experience in designing and building API's and experience of TDD. Bonus points and thumbs up for any knowledge/experience of MongoDB, Jasmine and Vue.js. You'll provide work estimation and have an understanding of Agile/Scrum style set-up.  

Javascript/Node Developer

You may join a software house, working on brand new development as well as developing enhancements for existing clients using your front-end web development skills (HTML, CSS), Javascript (at least one framework; React, Node, Angular, Ember or other) and GIT experience. You may have full responsibility through the entire development cycle, from taking the brief to deployment, allowing you complete control over your work and time to experiment and focus on creating amazing products.

You'll have solid front-end tech knowledge of RDBMS and experience with Windows development, Linux, Bootstrap and UX/Usability as a bonus. 

You may be engaging new clients directly to gather requirements to then manage those projects all the way through to delivery and after-care if needed. Working with new techniques and tech, you’ll be quickly getting to grips with other people’s code bases, both in-house and 3rd party and using that to build market leading software and provide top end service. 
Bonus points for any of; React, Redux, TypeScript, SASS/LESS, Webpack/Babel, Functional Programming.  


You can see some of our current jobs below or get in touch with our Tech Recruitment Team to chat through options.

Our latest technology specialist jobs: 

Lead Developer

— PHP, FE, Scrum, Top Digital Agency

Posted: 18th Mar
Salary: £36K - £42K
Location: Bristol
Ref: 8538

Test Analyst

— Selenium Web Driver & Cucumber

Posted: 20th Mar
Salary: £40K - £50K
Location: Bristol
Ref: 7556

Software Developer

— Innovate technology within the educational industry

Posted: 20th Mar
Salary: £40K-£50K
Location: Exeter
Ref: 8596

.Net Developer

— Outstanding software house, real project variety

Posted: 19th Mar
Salary: £30K-£50K
Location: Bristol
Ref: 7784

Senior Developer

— Central Oxford, Ethical product, cutting-edge tech

Posted: 19th Mar
Salary: £50K-£70K
Location: Oxford
Ref: 8366

Mid-Weight Developer

— Central Oxford, Ethical product, Learn new languages

Posted: 18th Mar
Salary: £32K-£45K
Location: Oxford
Ref: 8367

Ruby Developer

— Amazing product development

Posted: 16th Mar
Salary: £35K-£45K
Location: Bath
Ref: 8044

C#/Java Developer

— Learn and progress, excellent environment.

Posted: 16th Mar
Salary: £30K-£35K
Location: Gloucestershire
Ref: 8118

Front-End Developer

— Learn TypeScript, Redux & AngularJS

Posted: 15th Mar
Salary: £35K - £40K
Location: Bristol
Ref: 8582

Mid-Senior C# Developer

— Exciting Bespoke Projects

Posted: 15th Mar
Salary: £30K-£50K
Location: Frome
Ref: 8142

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