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About Chloe Jakeways


Chloe Jakeways

- Recruiter Agency & Client Side Marketing Phone: 0117 926 9530

Working within our agency and client side marketing recruitment team, Chloe manages volume and niche recruitment campaigns across a wide reaching client side and agency client base throughout the South West.

Chloe shares what it's like to work at ADLIB.

The best thing that happened to me this week:

Well aside from reliving my childhood watching Spice Girls at Ashton Gate (home to the best football team), I’ve been working with a fantastic agency who are disrupting the standard working day with a unique model and approach to flexible working. I’ve been supporting them to grow their Client Services team and have been able to find two lovely candidates their perfect role which offers them the flexibility they have been looking for. 

If I could change one thing that happened in my day today:

Well I found myself chasing the bus down the street and missed it by just a split second, good job I like walking…

For me, this is what working at ADLIB is all about: 

Working alongside some of the most talented people I know and in one of the nicest offices in Bristol!  Everyone is very unique, passionate, and knowledgeable and genuinely great at what they do!  After spending two years in New Zealand, working for ADLIB reminds me very much of their culture - honest, collaborative and supportive. 

My biggest feel good moment since I've been at ADLIB: 

It would be hard to name just one; this year so far has been a very exciting one. I absolutely love helping candidates find their dream role and working with clients to find the perfect match for their team. It's very rewarding hearing how happy both parties are and playing a part in someone's next big life and career move. 

How I explain what I do at a party: 

I'd normally be on the dance floor showing off my best moves, but if you did manage to catch me for a chat I would say I work in the marketing recruitment team at ADLIB, connecting the best talent with a huge portfolio of businesses and agencies in the South West.