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Jack Jordan-Connelly

- Recruiter
Developers & Technology
Phone: 0117 926 9530

Working within our busy technology team Jack's task is to connect talented developers, engineers and technologists with start ups, digital agencies and amazing technology first businesses.


Jack shares what it’s like to work at ADLIB.

The best thing that happened to me this week:

I held a workshop that was targeted at helping start ups and smaller businesses attract and engage with talent at Natwest’s eSpark studio in Bristol. This was the first time I’ve done something like this and whilst admittedly a little nervous at first (especially given the larger than expected number of people attending!) it was amazing to be able to pro-actively work with the local community and to provide a useful resource without expecting anything in return. Bristol & Bath as a whole but also the tech community in general are very big on being collaborative and see the ‘karma economy’ as very important so hopefully this was only the first of many chances to get involved!

If I could change one thing that happened in my day today… 

Getting so close to Christmas as I write this, I find that in particular with start ups and small teams, everyone is either rushing to finish their work or has already switched into holiday mode and so admittedly it can be a little bit slow when it comes to recruitment. It gives some time for admin and catch-ups which is always useful but the one thing I’d change is if things moved as fast as I know they will during the rush in January. 

For me, this is “what working at ADLIB” is all about: 

The best way to describe ADLIB is that it’s an adult environment; we don’t need to ring bells or bang our chests every time we place a candidate. For us, it’s all about providing the best experience and result for both the candidate and the client. We’re the antithesis of the standard recruiter stereotype and that’s ultimately why we have what’s potentially the best reputation in our market(s) in the entire of the South West. For me personally, it’s about getting involved and giving back to the community – helping to promote growth in the local economy rather than just profiting off it.

My biggest feel good moment since I’ve been at ADLIB: 

One particular candidate stands out in my mind. She was working in retail but doing everything possible in her spare time to learn new programming languages and improve her tech skills. I saw a huge amount of talent and potential in the portfolio website she’d put together and so discussed her with a small business that I’ve got a strong relationship with. Given my past success with them, they were willing to give her a shot after being impressed throughout her interview process and when I called her to let her know she had secured her first development job, it was humbling to hear just how happy and excited she was. And everyone will be happy to hear it’s worked out perfectly there ever since!

How I explain what I do at a party:

I work with predominantly high-tech, high-growth start ups and SMEs in Bristol & Bath. I work closely with local networks like TechSPARK and SetSquared, as well as with incubators like the Engine Shed and Future space, amongst others. A large part of my role involves being part of the community and so I’ll very often attend events and meetups to better understand the market and offer my expertise wherever I can. We are a recruitment agency and not a consultancy but by the very nature of my market, I really enjoy that I'm often involved in discussions about culture, team structure, etc. and I see that as testament to the trust that clients I work with put in me and my knowledge of the local market.