Jamie Walker

Principal Contract Recruiter

eCommerce Technology Europe, North America, UK

0117 926 9530

Jamie brings years of knowledge around streaming application technology and has helped to build teams that have created many of the TV Applications that we use today. His understanding of the unique challenges within the eCommerce technology recruitment space is unrivalled.

Our Communities

We recently spent some time chatting with Jo Haywood, Founder and CEO at Skylark, a Bristol based video content and marketing agency on a mission to help sustainable and ethical brands communicate their purpose to the world through video. Read the full article by Chris Nasrawi.

ADLIB B Corp Impact Report

ADLIB certified as a B Corp in September 2019. As we approach our 2nd anniversary, it has become abundantly clear that certifying is the start of the journey. A starting point from which to measure, guide and improve. Read our 2021 B Corp Impact Report and learn more about our B Corp journey.



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