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About Mia Impey


Mia Impey

- Recruiter Diversity & Inclusion Phone: 0117 926 9530

Working directly with ADLIB's clients and industry partners including WomensTechJobs, TechSPARK, Babbasa and Care Leaver Covenant (to name a few), Mia is responsible for identifying and championing gender, social background, age and ethnic inclusivity and diversity within recruitment.

Between ADLIB and WomensTechJobs, Mia works closely with clients to understand their diversity and inclusion recruitment programmes, identifying experienced hires that will add immense value to their organisations, whilst supporting academy programmes to upskill and bridge ever growing diversity and skill gaps throughout the technology and data sectors. 

Mia shares what it's like to work at ADLIB:

The best thing that happened to me this week:

This week has been a bit uneventful, but reflecting on last week the best thing that happened to me… I met with some really lovely, very progressive companies that want to work with me to help women into tech through internships and placements, which, just fills me with joy… as sad as that might sound, but when you are as passionate about your job as I am you can’t help but jump with joy. 

If I could change one thing that happened in my day today…

I’m writing this at 10am so (thankfully) I wouldn’t change anything yet… but if I had to pick one thing it would change the little I slept/how tired I always am haha! Equally my own fault for staying up squeezing one more episode of Parks and Recreation in. 

For me, this is “what working at ADLIB” is all about:

Being surrounded by lovely, helpful and friendly people. Working in collaboration with companies to achieve a shared goal, and helping mainly women but all diverse characteristics into their dream job. I’ve worked for a few recruitment agencies in my time, and never have I come across a reputation so strong as ADLIBS that companies are asking us to work with them…. Like that just shows our quality and that everyone here just loves what they do! 

My biggest feel-good moment since I’ve been at ADLIB:

Getting my first lady, who along the process became a friend, a job. She had decided to teach herself skills to become a software developer, she was lacking confidence in her own ability, as when self-taught it’s pretty hard to measure your own success. I worked with her across three months, supporting through CV amendments, industry and job guidance, recommendations of tech upskilling and general empowerment to build confidence.

I’m so so happy to say she absolutely smashed it and started her first Software Development role in July, with a fast-tracked career progression with fantastic learning and development opportunities. 

How I explain what I do at a party:

I work mainly with supporting lovely ladies into their dream jobs in tech and data, on the flip side also work with businesses to ensure they are supporting their staff.