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Myles Hickman

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Myles brings together talented developers, engineers, dev ops and infrastructure experts with all manner of thriving start-ups, high growth scale ups and amazing technology first businesses.

Myles shares what it's like to work at ADLIB:

The best thing that happened to me this week:

This is a short week for me but I’d say the best thing that’s happened is placing a grad in their first ever software role. They wrongly thought they’d messed up their first interview and that they had no chance, so being able to help guide them through the process and get them a great offer was very rewarding. 

If I could change one thing that happened in my day today…

I would have left my bike at home and taken the bus into work. It’s really old and chain fell off three times on the way in.

For me, this is “what working at ADLIB” is all about:

I think the adult working environment is what really makes ADLIB stand out against other recruitment companies. You’re trusted to get on do your work the way that suits you best, it’s a million miles from working at a corporate recruiter where you judged on how many calls you’ve logged, here it’s all about quality not quantity.  

My biggest feel good moment since I’ve been at ADLIB:

There’s been a few but I think the best was seeing everyone at the charity boxing match I participated in a few weeks ago. People made the really made the effort and just shows what a great team environment we have here.

How I explain what I do at a party:

I just say I work in recruitment, I don’t tend to try and dress it up too much.