Sam Wiltshire

Head Of Tech

London and Europe

0117 926 9530

What did you want to become when you were a kid?

Professional Rugby Player.

In your opinion, what is “what working at ADLIB” all about?

Working towards a common goal, as a team with a purpose, It’s very unique.

What does being a part of a B Corp mean to you?

Being apart of bCorp means that I can truly work with companies and candidates that are doing good for the world and not bad.

What is a personal accomplishment that you are proud of outside of work?

Played Professional Ruby when I was younger, bought a house and extended it.

Is there a cause or issue that you are passionate about, and if so, why?

Working with companies that are a force for Good, Tech for good if you will. Things and people that make the world a better place.

What are you currently excited about?

Taking ADLB’s Tech offering to the next level, in multiple locations across Europe & UK.

What are you grateful for?

Having the mum that I do.

Sam heads up the expansion of our Technology Recruitment arm throughout the UK and into Europe, having previously worked across mainland Europe and the UK within a variety of industries, on permanent and contract appointments, with a primary focus on Embedded Engineering and JavaScript Development. Working with businesses of all sizes he’s renowned for developing unique recruitment solutions that ensure hiring needs are met, whatever the task. He takes pride in expanding teams to their fullest size and potential, achieving the results that both clients and candidates deserve.

With this comes a passion for working with purpose driven businesses; Tech for Good matters. Businesses that take a stand against things that are wrong or damaging to our planet or humanity.

Sam’s ambition is to continue growing out the ADLIB UK & EU Technology Recruitment team, building a team of sector leading recruiters, with a strong sense of personal values and service levels.


Solutions Architect

  • United Kingdom
  • Permanent
  • 80000

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Work to create a better world

Architect the future! Create a visionary roadmap for short, medium, and long-term solutions.

at the forefront of the Intelligent Industry.

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12th Oct


Hiring Contractors

Our trusted contractor recruitment expert team is on hand to support you through the times where the need for a more flexible workforce is called for. From a short-term freelancer, mid-term interim solution, through to pulling together a long-term project team, we’re here and ready to respond.

Contracting through ADLIB

Our contract consultants operate within specific vertical sectors, in turn ensuring they’re constantly in touch with the market. We believe businesses can be a force for good, transparency and fairness are a given as we connect ambitious organisations with equally ambitious talent, balancing profit and purpose.

The bottom line

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