Branded Advertising Campaign – General Management recruitment

  • Enviral is a brand marketing agency creating environmental and social campaigns for ethical companies.
  • The General Manager role was Enviral’s most pivotal hire to date. Right-hand person to the CEO, with a very important blend of skills, experience and values required including business growth, leadership and upskilling with a focus on People and Culture, Sustainability, Purpose and EDI creds, and a track record in a leadership role taking an agency from 20 to 35+ people.
  • Enviral are known as an employer of choice in Sustainability Comms, and advertising directly would have meant sifting through hundreds of applications and huge amounts of time invested to screen the high number of quality applications to get to a manageable shortlist. They also wanted to headhunt from competitors in the Sustainability Comms space to ensure they had the very best candidate.
  • Leveraging their brand, combining it with our name and network, we rolled out a branded campaign on social media and our website, including a Featured Employer page.
  • Branded adverts work exceptionally well for purpose-driven brands and attract candidates that fit the mission and vision, including many candidates who aren’t actively looking to make a move until their dream opportunity lands in front of them.
  • Being explicit about the organisation we’ve partnered with led to much higher response rates from direct approaches and headhunting outreach as the messaging stands out from the masses of generic approaches candidates receive on a weekly basis.
  • ADLIB received over 300 applications in the first 4 weeks of posting the role to socials, job boards, and Linkedin, on top of our proactive outreach. This would have been unmanageable for the Enviral team and would have required days of screening to arrive at a shortlist that truly fits their unique culture and requirements.
  • Having taken the time to thoroughly understand the nuances of this hire beyond the job spec, taking into account Enviral’s mission, ambition, values, and culture, we met all viable candidates in person following initial screening calls, before submitting their details. It was as important to brief the candidates in detail about the opportunity, as it was to find the best people, presenting both the opportunities and the challenges accurately.
  • By choosing ADLIB as their Outsourced Recruitment Partner, Enviral received the very best shortlist of candidates whilst saving huge amounts of time and admin work. They interviewed four amazing candidates at first stage, taking two through second and third stage interviews, before securing their preferred candidate immediately upon offer.



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