We are a Certified B Corporation

Balancing Purpose and Profit.

We’ve joined a smidge over 4000 companies globally who have achieved B Corp status and sit alongside a handful of recruitment businesses (fellow recruiters we salute you!).
B Corp Certification is provided by B Lab to companies that meet rigorous verified standards of social and environmental performance and use business as a force for good. B Corps are accelerating a global cultural shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
B Corp captures the spirit that has run through ADLIB’s blood for many years. As a Certified B Corp business, we balance purpose and profit. We are committed to considering the impact of our decisions on everyone that works at ADLIB, our community, our suppliers and the environment. We are so much more than a recruitment company.
We’re in great company. Regional B Corp organisations include Pukka Herbs and Triodos Bank whilst a few other names you may recognise from further afield include Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia and The Body Shop. Collectively, we've all committed to driving this global movement forward, using what we do as a force for good.


" Building diverse and inclusive teams. "

"We believe changes need to be made to the way businesses attract, recruit and retain diverse talent. Recruiting a diverse and inclusive team is proven to bring multiple benefits, from increasing candidate attraction and brand perception, bridging skill gaps, increasing staff retention and driving better business performance.

Within the last year we have trained a team of diversity and inclusion champions, reached a smidge under 50% female gender balance company wide and a smidge under 50% female management balance. We are committed to ensuring this balance tips in the near future as we train and develop our future management team." — Steve Kay

" We are doing our bit to operate as green as we can as a business. "

"I’ve been conscious for a long while of my own personal impact on the environment, and it felt great to start making changes within the business to reflect what many of us are trying to do to help the environment outside of work.

Some changes were easy and obvious; like stricter recycling, changing our washing up liquid and soap to environmentally friendly and refillable products, swapping what little paper we use to recycled and bleach free, and reducing the amount of deliveries we receive to limit the amount of packaging and omissions from delivery vans. Others took more planning. We’re still working on composting the daily food waste of 40 people! 

Beyond this, we have worked out our Carbon Footprint, having offset 19.82 tonnes whilst supporting projects around the world via carbonfootprint.com.

It’s amazing how easy it can be to make a few changes that can really make a huge impact, without causing disruption within the workplace - everyone even prefers our coconut shell sponges, and plastic free tea bags! We’ve even started collecting our old office equipment to donate to a charity to be recycled and reused, ensuring we’re producing as little waste as possible and also giving everyone a chance to clear out their drawers at home of old phones and ipods. 
We really are trying to be as green as we can as a business, and we’re always open to new ideas to make sure we’re doing the best we can."  — Esther Rayson

" Employee wellbeing & good mental health matters. "

"Employee Wellbeing & Mental Good Health at ADLIB is important to me to ensure everyone here feels supported, appreciated and heard. Putting together best practises, workshops, resources and a support network to ensure that employees improve on emotional and mental resilience. These tools will help recovery from stress, anxiety and other common mental health problems which can improve everyone's work/life balance and develop strong coping mechanisms to combat the negative impacts of poor mental health. ADLIB has been a huge support to me personally with my mental health and I want to ensure everyone here has that same support and opportunity of recovery. Being a B Corp Certified company, signing the Time To Change pledge and everything else we have in the pipeline for our employees' wellbeing makes me proud to be a part of ADLIB."  — Jenni Carter

" So much more than a recruitment company. "

"We believe that B Corp should become a normal part of every company’s everyday business. We know that an inclusive workplace brings engagement, and creating an environment of involvement, respect and collaboration ultimately drives more business value. We are driven to work with clients who value all of their stakeholders.” — Nick Dean

Read our 2019/20 B Corp Impact report and learn more about our B Corp journey here.

" Our team is empowered to build communities that create impact. "

"We're big believers in stakeholder capitalism, so we take into account all of our stakeholders, and society at large. Our team is empowered to drive agendas close to their heart and help create impact.

Sophie founded Motherboard, a business charter, event and community series that has been created to drive positive change for working mums throughout the UK's Technology and Data sectors. Mike, co-founded GreenTechSW, a community that provide expert insight and thought provoking discussion on how technology can improve our physical environment and battle the massive, urgent issue of climate change. And Alex co-founded Tech Ethics Bristol, who are a team of volunteers, passionate about building a fair and equal society, where technology is a catalyst for positive change.”

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