BAM is a fast growing, truly sustainable, ecommerce activewear business.

The company was set up in 2006 by David Gordon who wanted to prove a sustainable business could be commercially successful. Identifying bamboo as one of the planet’s most sustainable crops, which could be made into supersoft performance fabrics, inspired him to create BAM, the first bamboo clothing company in Europe.

Having achieved years of double-digit growth, whilst staying true to our core values of putting people and planet first, BAM is now looking for new talent to join our team, to contribute to, and be part of, our exciting next stage of growth.

Graphic Designer

Purpose Driven

  • Plymouth (hybrid, 3 days in the office per week)
  • Permanent
  • Up to £28k.

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BAM Clothing

Contribute to the future of sustainable fashion.

Work in a dynamic environment where no two days are the same.

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20th May

About Us

On a man haul expedition across Greenland with a team of elite Gurkhas and looking out over one of the great untouched wildernesses of our planet, David realised that he wanted to create a viable and environmentally sustainable business.

The next generation of activewear.

One day all clothes will be made this way.

  • 69% of ALL textiles are virgin synthetics made from crude oil.
  • 73% of all clothing ends up in landfill or incinerated.
  • One in eight workers is involved in the fashion and textile industry and we don’t know if they are paid a living wage.

It doesn’t need to be this way. Bam was set up with this specific goal: To demonstrate that you can have success doing things ‘the right way’.

To build a business without debt, without investment, in a way your mother would be proud of, treating our suppliers, our customers and ourselves the way everyone would like, at the same time as helping to turn around a polluting industry.

And to have fun while we’re doing it 😊

This isn’t just sustainability, it’s our responsibility.

Impact positive by 2030 is ambitious. We can’t dance about the edges, we have to completely rethink our business. Find out more.