Zigzag is the #1 app 100% dedicated to puppyhood training.


Launched in March 2021, Zigzag is the #1 app 100% dedicated to puppyhood coaching. Designed by a team of experts and backed by leading dog training & behaviour organisations, Zigzag uses data and technology to tailor each program to the breed, age and environment of each puppy.

Zigzag is the only app to be officially endorsed by five leading dog training & behaviourist organisations including PPG, ADPT UK, CAPBT, Animal Behaviour Australia and COAPE-UK.

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Our journey to making a worldly impact

The early stages of puppyhood are critical for healthy cognitive development – who knew?!. This means it’s also a natural window to help you build that lifelong bond with your new puppy and teach them the skills they will need to grow up into a confident and happy pup.

Sadly, a majority of dogs don’t get the right training during this critical development window, which often leads to behavioural problems in the future or even worse, abandonment. Through the clever use of data & technology we aim to bring our puppyhood development expertise to the hands of all puppy owners, the world over, as we believe every puppy owner can benefit from it.

We are backed by leading petcare organisations

We have designed Zigzag to be a complementary training aid for all trainers and behaviourists and believe digital training is best served alongside physical training, as ‘real life’ interaction with other pups, people and environments is a necessity.

Our unique approach at Zigzag has received special recognition from leading training and behaviour organisations. Check out their endorsements here for more info. Not only that but we are backed by one of the world’s leading pet care companies, Purina, and benefit from their extensive research and development knowledge on healthy growth in puppyhood.

What sets us apart from others:

Having been awarded Apple’s App of the Day, & featured in their New Apps We Love, you’ll be joining at an exciting time. Backed by a Purina Petcare, we are a fast growing start-up venture with big global ambitions.

Our Culture:

We’re setting our sights high & have grown from a team of 2 to a team of 15 in the past 18 months, and having recently launched in the US, we’re looking to grow again! If you’re ambitious, love a sense of adventure and like the idea of making a meaningful impact from day 1, we’re probably the right place for you.

Career progression:

As a late stage start up, with the backing of global organisation, you’ll be joining the business as we enter a period of significant growth, with that comes fantastic long term career and personal development opportunities.

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