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We are looking for experienced Recruiters to join team ADLIB as Recruitment Entrepreneurs

  • Thinking about creating your own recruitment venture but don’t want to go it alone?
  • Walk into a ready-made business, operational and marketing model that will allow you to focus on what you enjoy most – recruitment.
  • From launching complementary divisions of ADLIB, to creating entirely new business ventures - we’ve been there, invested wisely and succeeded. 

We love getting something new off the ground and creating success. Since 2001 we’ve worked hard to build a progressive and robust recruitment business that continues to thrive and grow at pace. We’ve learnt a hell of a lot during that time, implementing effective sales, operational and marketing strategies that support our activities and win in the short, medium and long term. We’ve built well respected industry brands.
What you’ll be doing
That depends on the size of the opportunity. Within ADLIB there is huge scope for the right people to extend our proposition into new territories, be it within the UK or further afield internationally. With the technology, digital and data sectors central to our growth plan, the opportunities are truly endless.
When it comes to new ventures outside of ADLIB, we’re all ears. For example, in September 2016 we launched our sister company, enable. A sales recruitment specialist that leverages our financial, operational, marketing systems, numerous years of successful recruitment business building, all of which have resulted in a profitable business from month three and continues to thrive to this day.
What we’re looking for

  • Experienced, commercially minded recruiters with a proven background of delivering success.
  • Commercially minded entrepreneurs ready to take their first (or next step) in creating a new proposition or an entirely new business.
  • The ability to work between the long term and short term, those that can make things happen, day in day out.
  • Commitment and hunger to achieve success in often competitive markets.
  • Sound market knowledge and understanding of the potential of your chosen field.
  • A  team player that wants to soak up the knowledge and continually push themselves to grow.


What you’ll get in return for your talents
What you get out depends completely on the size of the potential, the investment required and what we’re all going to put into creating a success.

What's next?
Watch the video below to find out more about ADLIB Life. If you'd like to chat more, get in touch or apply.


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