Joe Savage – Director of Engineering at Pirate Studios

Tareek placed me as Director of Engineering at Pirate. The standout thing for me in that placement was the way in which Tareek worked to find the best match for both me and Pirate. He was not trying to push me into a role which was not the best fit, and would be possibly short-lived, but instead was focussed on the best match. This was a breath of fresh air to me and an experience which is hard to find with other recruiters in my experience. I think that Tareek is an open and honest person and I trusted in him to secure the best role for me based on what I was looking for. He was always easy to get hold off and provided regular updates throughout the process. Again, something which other recruiters do not do. I would highly recommend Tareek to anyone who is looking to secure their next role at all seniority levels.