Marisela Chapman – Content Design lead

As a content design lead with a rapidly scaling team, I recently needed 3 experienced senior content designers asap – and luckily I got to work with Sam.

He took the time to understand my team, and how we work as content designers and ux writers in our specific working environment. He then quickly found outstanding candidates, and made my busy days easy by organising interviews, setting up calls, ensuring I had information and details quickly and without hassle.

Especially helpful was that Sam had clearly taken the time to get to know each candidate – he understands all the UX skillsets including all the various aspects of content design, and could also help me understand each candidates’ background, a bit about their character and preferences. 

That meant I was able to have meaningful conversations with him about fit and capability, which helped me make hiring decisions. 

I was able to hire 3 amazing content designers in about 3 weeks. Each has been an incredible asset to my team and a great fit with our overall product and design organisation. 

I will absolutely go to Sam when I’m next hiring and save the hassle of combing through non-serious or unsuitable candidates, knowing I’ll be getting exactly who I need from the start. It’s so helpful to work with someone who understands our organisation, our skillsets and especially the people he’s putting forward for each role.