Tawny Bartlett – Senior Drupal Developer at Reading Room

Tareek has been the most amazing recruiter I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I’ve been bombarded by others before, and had impersonal in-mails with others which didn’t lead anywhere due to the lack of communication. But with Tareek, you genuinely get expertise and honest advice, and a lifelong connection that you’ll want to go back to for all future recruitment opportunities.

His communication has been above and beyond. He helped me with my first career move I’ve had in 9 years, and didn’t hesitate to get on the phone for extended periods of time. When he said to have a “quick chat” on the phone at the beginning I almost didn’t as I thought he’d by like everyone else, but honestly, there was no pressure, and he found out about my career history and what I wanted from a job.

He checked in regularly via message and phone calls, recommended highly suitable jobs – sold me well, and equally sold the companies well – and was a fantastic communicator between myself and the people I interviewed with.

He has really in-depth technical knowledge for somebody who isn’t a developer (really impressive), and has given me the most valuable experience with multiple firms and cheered me on at each success.

The people I interviewed with, or any professional people who knew him within the companies, spoke very highly of him and one even said they wouldn’t use any other recruiter. For a technical hire, from an employer and potential employee perspective, I’d wholeheartedly recommend him.

Huge thanks to Tareek for helping me with every step and explaining each process to me. I wouldn’t use or trust anybody else with my future now; if you’re nervous about using a recruiter, you definitely shouldn’t be with Tareek.