Sophie Creese



Sophie is the Founder of MotherBoard & Co-Founder of HeyFlow.

MotherBoard is, a not-for-profit Business Charter, Event Series and Community initiative, powered by ADLIB, that is driving positive change for mums in the tech industry. MotherBoard is tackling the huge loss of women from the tech industry around childbearing and child-rearing years. As it stands, 50% of women will leave the tech industry by the time they are 35. By tackling the loss of women working in tech due to motherhood, the MotherBoard Movement’s mission is to gain, retain and improve seniority levels of women across the industry.

Sophie is responsible for advancing the MotherBoard Movement, creating measurable change by supporting businesses who want to action change within their business through the Charter. She also hosts MotherBoard events, is a public speaker for women in tech events, and works with external partners on campaigns to drive awareness and practical solutions for businesses within the tech industry to create a more gender-balanced, fair industry in the future.

Sophie is also the Co-Founder of HeyFlow. An ADLIB-invested start-up that empowers businesses to build truly inclusive companies through understanding the impact of women’s reproductive health at work. Sophie is responsible for delivering HeyFlow survey insights, workshops and policy consultancy to businesses who are looking for a progressive approach to the inclusion of women in the workplace.

Sophie is also part of the ADLIB Board of Trustees, a position she has held since 2022.


The MotherBoard Movement

< Delivering significant impact long-term for mums working in tech >
MotherBoard is a Business Charter, Community, Event Series, and Podcast driving tangible change for mums working in the tech industry. We are on a mission to transform the industry to be more inclusive of mothers by tackling stigmas and supporting employers who want to create real change.



ADLIB has invested into HeyFlow. HeyFlow supports businesses in understanding their female* workforce better. Reproductive health doesn’t stop in the workplace, neither should your policies. Through insight-driven surveying, confidence-building training, and policies written for real life and real people, HeyFlow equips, enables and educates leaders, managers and employees to build a truly inclusive company.


MotherBoard Events

Our MotherBoard meetup community is open to all. Mothers working in tech, organisations who are up-skilling returners back into work as well as employers that are consciously looking to create inclusive programmes to attract all women, including mothers into their Technology teams. We actively encourage females, males and non-binary folk to join us and to get involved.


MotherBoard Impact Report

Once a year we collate data from each signatory to demonstrate the land for working mums in technology, alongside the strides our members have taken to drive change and impact. The next MotherBoard Impact Report will be published later this year. Here is our 2022 Impact Report.


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