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Our knowledge is your knowledge – ADLIB Surveys and Tools

Here at ADLIB we’re regularly called on to provide our clients and candidates with market knowledge that has been drawn from more than 16 years’ experience of working amongst the digital, creative, marketing and digital sectors. And whilst we like to think we’ve a pretty good handle on things out there we also know how important to stay current and get close to a world full of market adaptations and influences. So we’ve committed to creating a series of sector specific salary, engagement and benefit surveys that we will be publishing on a regular basis. Beyond this we’ll also be looking at key industry influences and why people are flocking to the West, amongst much more.

We’ve collated the data for our surveys via direct respondents of online surveys, combined with ADLIB’s extensive internal data and knowledge gained from the creative, technology, marketing and digital sectors.

Whether you are an employer, an employee, a business considering opening operations in the South West or you are simply reading with interest, we hope you enjoy.

The documents are free for all to access and enjoy, please click on a name to download your copy now.

eCommerce Employment Survey 2017

Creative Employment Survey 2017

Social Media Employment and Usage Survey

Technology & Development Salary, Benefits and Employment Survey 2015

Salary, Benefits and Employment Survey for the Creative, Technology, Marketing and Digital Sectors


And here some tools that could come in handy also…

ADLIB Digital Portfolio Guide

Digital Technology Freelance Day Rate Guide for Bristol & Bath

Social Media Salary and Day Rate Guide (SW)

Creative Contractor Guide (SW)

Agency Contractor Guide (SW)

Results are in! eCommerce Employment Snapshot

Firstly, a massive Thank You to all of those who have contributed and provided us with the information that has helped shape ADLIB’s eCommerce Employment Today Snapshot 2017.

Our mission was it to paint a current picture of ‘eCommerce Employment’.

As always, our knowledge is your knowledge, so here are our findings to view and download.

The data has been collated via direct respondents of an online survey, combined with ADLIB’s extensive internal data and knowledge gained from the cCommerce Recruitment sector.

We hope you find this useful:

eCommerce Employment Today – A Snapshot

Life as a… What it’s really like

The aim of our Blog is it to showcase the wealth of knowledge and expertise the South West has to offer as well as the variety of career journeys we come across, working within the Digital, Marketing, Creative, UX, Technology and eCommerce sectors.

We are keeping it local, authentic and you will hopefully agree: insightful.

Here a collection of rather impressive career journeys we’d love to share with you, put into the spotlight and feature. Some prime examples that can give you an idea of what life can look like working within a range of jobs across our sectors. Some first hand insights:

Life as a Head of Online Trading
Alice Little, Head of Online Trading at Lovehoney

Life as a Marketing Director within eCommerce
Matt Parker, Marketing Director at The Present Finder

Life as a Software Developer
Jenny Gaudion, Software Developer at Scott Logic

Life as a coder aged 13 vs 31
Our chat with Kyran at Hanham Woods Academy and Oli Ward, experienced professional coder at Develop Me

Life as a Head of Marketing
Tom Johnson, Head of Marketing at The Filter

Life as a Marketing Executive
Gabriella Evans, Marketing Executive at Jordans Trust Company Limited

Life as a Digital Marketing Executive
David Brooks, Digital Marketing Executive at Bob Martin Vet Care

Life as a Digital Project Manager
Monica Maya, Digital Project Manager at Studio Six

Life as a Digital Account Director
Ryan Anthoney, Senior Account Director at True Digital

Life as a CRO Director
Ryan Webb, CRO Director at Search Star

Life as a Content Strategist
Sarah Russell, Freelance Digital Strategist

Life as a Social Media Specialist
Ben Jackson, Social Media Specialist

Life as a Social Media Specialist
Jessica Siggers, Bristol-based Instagram Consultant, Social Media Influencer & photographer, Igers Bristol

Life as a Copywriter
Justin Ballantine, Copywriter and Creative Director at Bray Leino Yucca


Life as a Managing Director – Our Managing Director Nick shares

ADLIB Life – The one about Joe

ADLIB Life – The one about Sam

ADLIB Life – The one about Jack