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“What do you like most about being part of Team ADLIB?”

We asked this question internally…

Here is what Team ADLIB is liking the most about being part of Team ADLIB…

Francesca Fleming “Along with the fridge full of prosecco for our celebrations, I love our offices, the location is right in the city centre (although sometimes lethal for shopping and amazing food), and we have an open plan office where we can work collaboratively across teams. It’s hard to say what I like most about ADLIB Life as there are so many things to pick from so I’ll pick my top 4: excellent training and clear career progression, working alongside the most talented recruiters I’ve ever met, amazing clients to partner with and an honest way of working, which has created a lovely culture that I am proud to be a part of.”


Sam Firth “I’m a big fan of the design of the new offices. The space looks amazing and it’s got everything we need (including FIFA). As for ADLIB life; i do and will always love our core values. It’s a highly ethical business in an industry that is plagued by malpractice, I wouldn’t’ do recruitment anywhere else.”



Alex Cosgrove “Just how lovely and nice everyone is. Total opposite from most Recruitment offices which are driven by egos and arrogance!”


Rupert Douglas “The collaborative culture here at ADLIB truly is something special. No one is here for themselves and you’ll struggle to find a more welcoming, honest, open bunch of people to work with.”


Jack Jordan-Connelly “Everyone works collaboratively here, whether you’re on the same team or on the other side of the office. There aren’t any egos and any internal competitiveness is generally kept to FIFA. Even when you’re having a bad day (or week!), it’s still an office that you’ll enjoy coming into and the support everyone will give you is what can really make the difference sometimes. If you look around the office, there are so many different personalities that you’d wonder how it can work at all but it does perfectly and personally, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”


George Cumberlidge “I love being able to grab one of our really smart meeting rooms to either collaborate with another colleague or just to sit in silence and get in the zone. You can work hard with some great consultants to then be able to wind down at the end of the day for a game of Ping Pong or FIFA and a cold brewski from the beer fridge. Not only can you enjoy your time during work but we also have a great social aspect out of hours, the people here are awesome.”


Wiktoria Zajdel “The best thing about working for ADLIB is telling someone you work for ADLIB. It still amazes me how many people I meet already know or have heard of ADLIB and I don’t have to explain that we’re the good guys, because people already know. The respect and recognition ADLIB gets is truly wonderful.”


Gabby Shaw “We’re lucky to have a pretty sweet pad. Hard to know the very best bit between the posh coffee, collaborative playlists, table tennis, beer fridge or the twenty-first century magic that is the boiling water tap. If I’m honest with myself, though, it’s FIFA on the PS4 that wins it for me.”


Ross Williams: “I love how light and spacious the new office is! It’s so nice having lots of natural light it really does make a difference, especially this time of year when it gets dark so early in the day.”

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Some Client Services Director Wisdom here

Next up as part of our “sharing the wisdom series”: Steve Jefferys, Client Services Director at Armadillo CRM. Having graduated with a History degree, Steve moved to London to start his career on a graduate programme with TEQUILA\ London (part of the TBWA\ Group). A number of years and agency roles later – and having been below-, above-, through- and then back to below-the-line specialisms – Steve moved to Armadillo CRM to take up the role leading the Client Services team to drive the strategic agenda across all clients.

Now, in an attempt to capture some of the wisdom you’ve gained as a professional so far, what are “5 stand-out things” you’ve learned within the past 15 years of working within Client Services.

Steve Jefferys

Always tackle the most awkward thing first: as much as you try and convince yourself otherwise, that tricky client conversation or that internal performance issue will only become bigger and more difficult to address the longer you try and evade it. Go against every instinct and make yourself do it. You’ll feel better and the person on the receiving end will respect you all the more for it. You’ll remember how good it feels and you’ll keep doing it in future.

Take people with you: you might think you’re onto a winner with an idea or a strategy and you can almost see your name in lights, but you’ll never achieve what you want just by flying solo. There’s always someone that can keep you honest, make your idea better, sharper or more articulate and will have thought of something that would never have entered your head. And if you don’t engage those around you from the outset, you’ve no chance of them catching you up after.

Delegation is empowerment; not a weakness: never try and take everything on. It just doesn’t work: you’ll burn out and you’ll drop a ball at some point. Nobody wins. So take a step back, set out where you want to get to, think about where you can add value and where others would be better suited to a task. Be clear and authoritative, set a deadline and allow time for course correction. It will empower and inspire individuals and teams to do the very best work for you (and often better than you’d do it yourself).

Get to know your client – personally and politically: it’s a tired old adage that an account person needs to make the client their best friend. But the important thing is to get to know your client on two levels. First, what personally motivates them in their role and how can you play to this need? If you help them look good they’ll come back again and again (and often when you move on, too). Second, politically. Sounds cryptic, of course, but the better you know the world your client moves in and operates under, the better you can help them plot a course through it. It’ll help your stock rise and, you guessed it, they’ll come back to you again and again.

Move quickly from theory to action: you can think all you want, but the more you think and theorise the more you overthink – and ideas, strategies or initiatives just grind to a halt. So have a clear objective in mind, set out some logical ways you can achieve them, bring your client (and others – see above) on the journey, and make a concise, costed and time-bound plan to achieve them. Fast. It helps to focus your thinking and make things happen.

Thank You Steve for sharing!

Marketing Employment SW: Skills, Retention, Salaries and Day Rates

We wanted to shed some light on skills that are in highest demand here in the South West within Client Side Marketing, also on what it takes to retain top marketing talent. So we collated and gathered insights revolving around ‘Marketing Employment’ from some of the finest employers and employees here in the South West.

Combined with our internal data, we’ve packaged our knowledge up and created an informative guide to Client Side Marketing Employment here in the South West, the skills that are currently in demand and what important factors contribute towards retaining talent. We’ve also included salary and day rate benchmarks.

Whether you are an employer, an employee or a business considering opening operations in the South West or you are simply reading with interest, we hope you find this insightful.

Here it is for you to access and download:

Marketing Employment Today (SW) – A Snapshot for Client Side roles