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ADLIB Life as a… Recruitment Consultant

Here at ADLIB, we hire people who truly share our ethics, ambition and commitment as well as our values and behaviours from the very get-go. Creating the ADLIB dream team is all about embracing the individuality and personality that each employee brings and we continue to maintain a harmonious and collective environment that drives our brand and culture ever forward.

We’ve put a lot into ensuring that our people are set up for success from the outset. As a Recruitment Consultant, we provide you with every possible tool you could wish for, a highly successful marketing programme and a personal development plan to ensure you earn big and achieve great things.

It’s all grow here at ADLIB and with a clearly defined road map in place, we’re looking for experienced recruitment consultants to join the team.

If you’ve got a successful track record in recruitment and are looking for a new environment, we would love to hear from you.

To find out more about ADLIB Life, head to our Join ADLIB page and for full job details and to apply, head to the ADLIB Recruitment Consultant job ad.

Here, some of the team’s thoughts on what ADLIB life is all about:


It’s hard to find that combination of hard work and success whilst being in such an enjoyable place to work, here you have the best of both worlds, you don’t need to wear suits, cold call all day and work around KPIs to be a successful consultant.

George Cumberlidge


Pushing yourself to achieve your best & having a whole lot of fun along the way. It’s about making sure every day you are doing the most for your candidates & clients. It’s being part of a team that cares.

Imogen Uniacke 


It’s like walking into a Marketing agency but doing recruitment the non stereotypical way. It’s amazing! The mix of personalities that I’m surrounded by is just absolutely wonderful and I’m always laughing at or with someone. Everyone knows their stuff and has plenty of passion and drive. It’s just really lovely and I’m always SO impressed with just how good people are.

Jade Fisher


Collaboration. Working with a bunch of like-minded individuals that are all genuinely great at what they do. There’s no bad vibes at ADLIB, everyone here gets on like a house on fire and there isn’t anyone you wouldn’t want to have drink with on a Friday after work.

Ross Williams

Our knowledge is your knowledge – ADLIB Surveys and Tools

Here at ADLIB we’re regularly called on to provide our clients and candidates with market knowledge and insights that have been drawn from more than 16 years’ experience of working within the digital, creative, marketing, tech and eCommerce sectors. And whilst we like to think we’ve a pretty good handle on things out there, we also know how important it is to stay current and get close to a world full of market adaptations and influences. So we’ve committed to creating a series of sector specific salary, engagement and benefit surveys and tools, ADLIB Resources, that we will be publishing on a regular basis. Beyond this we’ll also be looking at key industry influences and why people are flocking to the West, amongst much more.

We’ve collated the data for our surveys via direct respondents of online surveys, combined with ADLIB’s extensive internal data and knowledge gained from the creative, technology, marketing and digital sectors.

Whether you are an employer, an employee, a business considering opening operations in the South West or you are simply reading with interest, we hope you enjoy.

The documents are free for all to access and enjoy, please click on a name to download your copy now.

Data, Insight and Analytics Salary and Employment Guide 2018

Social Media Employment Survey (SW) 2018

eCommerce Employment Survey 2017

Creative Employment Survey 2017

Social Media Employment and Usage Survey 2017

Technology & Development Salary, Benefits and Employment Survey 2015

Salary, Benefits and Employment Survey for the Creative, Technology, Marketing and Digital Sectors


And here some tools that could come in handy also…

Agency Client Services Salary Guide (SW)

Marketing Employment Today (SW) – A Snapshot for Client Side roles

ADLIB Digital Portfolio Guide

Digital Technology Freelance Day Rate Guide for Bristol & Bath

Social Media Salary and Day Rate Guide (SW)

Agency Contractor Guide (SW)

Ethnic Diversity – Our chat with Babbasa

During October, we ran our very first round of ‘career workshops’ here in the ADLIB office. We invited students from Babbasa; a youth empowerment group based in Bristol who support young people to follow their professional aspirations, regardless of their background, to take part in a career workshop of their choice; Technology, Creative or Marketing. Within the workshops, they were given first-hand mentoring, career advice and guidance from knowledgeable ADLIB recruitment consultants.

We caught up with some of the students that attended the workshops as well as Beaula McCalla, engagement manager at Babbasa, whose main aim is it to connect the students with career opportunities. We had a chat with them to get their take on career opportunities out there, how valuable career sessions of this kind are and we also asked what they’d like to see more of by way of support.

ADLIB: What is your take on career opportunities out there within the Creative, Marketing and Tech sectors for the young people you work with?

Beaula McCalla: Opportunities for BME (black and minority ethnicity) young people in Bristol and the South West is limited. Organisations are beginning to recognise that there is a lack of BME representation in their companies and offering placements, skills and experience.

Young people need to know what is out there for them, and they need to have the confidence to ask for what is needed and be able to professionally network. Organisations like Babbasa are there to provide a link with ambitious industries and young, determined people.

Organisations particularly in the tech world are not tapping into the expertise offered by BME young people due to a number of factors; largely, BME students are often not accessing further education – therefore the applicant pool is small.

“Since leaving school, I attend events and courses when I can, but only if they’re free. I make music but am finding it hard to get into that specific industry. I need to gather the right resources and put together a portfolio in order to show what I can do. It’s quite competitive and I didn’t go to college like other people, and I think this is a barrier for students like me.” – Amber, Babbasa Student

“I’m at university and I see that there are lots of marketing opportunities and gateways out there for me, and I have to make sure I grab them at every chance I get.” – Elysse, Babbasa Student

ADLIB: Did you find the ADLIB career sessions valuable? In what way do you think have they been useful?

Beaula McCalla: It was a rewarding experience for the young people to know exactly what is out there for them. It is important that they are exposed to organisation such as ADLIB, and more importantly that they feel they can be a part of it as well as get support and guidance.

A great outcome is that the young people who attended ADLIB’s career sessions have decided to meet up in a group to plan a project and discuss their individual needs in order to support each other.

“The consultants have provided valuable insight for people who might not otherwise know about these opportunities.” – Naz, Babbasa Student

“The session was useful. I learned new things like the importance of having a personal brand and identity right from the start.” – Elysse, Babbasa Student

ADLIB: What other initiatives do you think could be useful? What would you like to see more of by way of support for young people to get into careers within the Creative, Marketing and Tech sectors?

Beaula McCalla: It would be great to see regular spotlight sessions to give accurate and clear career guidance to young people in school and college.

Additionally, bespoke sessions to support young people with compiling their portfolios and CV’s. I feel that organisations need to feel more compelled to make effort to seek and support BME talent.

“Potentially mentoring from ADLIB, or maybe more personalised help?” – Liam, Babbasa Student

“I really valued the session as I was listened to. I would like to be able to have a mentor who could support me for through getting my enterprise off the ground whilst I am still at university.” – Elysse, Babbasa Student

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!

The next round of career workshop sessions is coming up…

ADLIB Career Workshops are a part of our overarching mission: to enable the growth of individuals and businesses and to help them achieve their ambitions.

We will run the next round of ADLIB Career Workshops as part of ‘Open Doors’ in partnership with Bristol Media during Digital Bristol Week: ADLIB Creative, Tech, Marketing and Data Career Workshops.

When: Wednesday 28th November from 4.00pm – 5.30pm

Where: ADLIB, 3rd Floor, St Bartholomew’s House, BS1 2NH

What/ Format: 4 one hour sessions will be running in parallel, each being able to accommodate up to 4 participants.

Who the workshops are for: The workshops are crafted for ‘entry-level’, young people wanting to work in the Creative or Marketing or Tech or Data industries (post 16- graduate) as well as people who want to transfer skills.

What the workshops will be about and include: Within 4 separate, sector specific workshops, one or a team of specialist Recruitment Consultants will be giving advice on career opportunities and avenues – with space to ask all the questions you have about the sector you are interested in. Our expert Consultants can also offer support and their expertise to adjust and tweak your CV or Portfolio if you’d like to bring them in.

To sign up and for more information, head to Eventbrite.

You can also click ‘attending’ on Facebook!