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New faces at ADLIB

We’re delighted to announce three new hires into the ADLIB team. Following our recent office move we’re continuing to move at pace, driving our proposition forward to meet the skill demands of the world today. And that means, more hands on deck to achieve our ambitions. To help us with that please say hello to:

Jade Fisher – Senior Recruiter – Client Side Marketing. Tapping into 5 years of recruitment experience, as part of our client side marketing recruitment team, Jade brings together talented marketers across the South West and South Wales with ambitious start ups, thriving SMEs, challenger brands and global organisations.


Joe Mawson – Contract Recruiter – Developers and Technology. Working closely with Kevin, Joe brings together all manner of contract developers, engineers, dev ops and infrastructure experts with blue chip organisations, businesses embarking on change and digital transformation programmes through to high growth scale ups across the South West, M4 Corridor and London.


Chloe Jakeways – Candidate Manager – Agency Client Services, Planners and Project Managers. Chloe works very closely with Francesca and Nick to connect talented client services, planning, production and business development people with integrated, digital, advertising, direct marketing / data, design, POS & packaging, brand, PR, experiential agency clients across the South West.


In addition we’ve also secured a couple of last gasp deals before the close of the January transfer window who’ll be joining us in April and June (more to follow there when they arrive) however, we’re still on the hunt for genuinely talented, ethical and ambitious recruiters we’d love to let loose on our client base. Specifically we’re looking to bolster our technology team. Find out more here about Joining ADLIB.

And finally we’d also like to let you know that we’ve recently become an official partner of the Inspire Business Network, helping them in their quest to support the growth of ambitious businesses across the South West.

Social Media Employment Survey (South West) 2018

In partnership with Social Media Week Bristol.

The objective of our Social Media Employment Survey 2018 is to produce an extremely valuable tool for employers and employees whose jobs involve social media, specifically to capture insights from and for the South West. If your job involves working with social media or is a pure social media role, regardless of whether you are an employee or employer, please help us with some answers.

A snapshot of where the ‘Social Media Profession’ is at currently in the South West and where we are heading. It’s about the areas that truly matter in this context and questions revolving around employee engagement, retention and salary as well as use of social media.

So we’re calling on you to provide the answers required that will allow us to produce the results. It’s a short, sharp multiple choice survey that will only take a few minutes of your time.

Please, please, please note (absolutely hand on heart promise) that the results you provide are completely anonymous. We will have no trail of where they have come from, nor will they be shared with any third parties or used for any other reason than this survey.

In return for your assistance, we’ll make the survey results readily available to everybody that wishes to receive them.

A big ‘Thank You’ in advance.

Take our  Social Media Employment Survey now…

A career in social media – Ellis Wheatley

To shed some light on ‘what a career in social media’ entails, we are catching up with a range of Social Media Professionals to showcase some career journeys and paths into the industry.

Here our chat with Ellis Wheatley to find out about her career in social media so far. Ellis Wheatley is a social media professional based in the South West with over four years’ experience. She’s currently Social Media Manager for the UK’s largest mortgage broker, having gained her experience at digital agencies and in house at the National Trust.

ADLIB: How did you get ‘into’ social media. What has been the career path that lead you to it?

Ellis Wheatley: After graduating, I upped sticks and headed to Bristol. I was lucky enough to join some great creative agencies – starting as a fresh-faced and bushy-tailed Social Media Executive.

Honestly, I hadn’t used Twitter before I was offered my first job as Social Media Executive, but I had bags of creativity and enthusiasm and was ensured that best practice could be learned.

If you’re looking for creative work, youthful energy and a fast-paced environment you’ll love working at agencies. I’ve been lucky enough to progress and haven’t been held back by the rigid ceilings that I’ve heard exist in other industries. Instead, I’ve helped manage a range of brands’ social media accounts, across various industries.

In 2015 I moved from a creative agency to progress in-house at the National Trust – and I loved every minute of it.

ADLIB: What does a typical work day/ week look like for you now (if there is such thing) and what do you like most about your job?

Ellis Wheatley: Most of all, I enjoy the freedom that my work brings. Social media management puts you in a position to offer communications best practice advice across an organisation.

A typical day varies considerably, but always begins with me checking the social channels that I care for and – depending on the size of the online community at your organisation – this can take minutes or hours!

Over the course of a working week, I’ll be involved in content planning and creation, community engagement, competitor analysis, following up customer enquiries and liaising with relevant teams, analysing and reporting on performance, optimising content, working with the PR/ Marketing/ Compliance/ Customer Service teams and – externally – liaising with design agencies, SEO agencies and freelancers. Beyond this, I take care of reviews platforms, social advertising budgets and get creative by designing visual content.

ADLIB: What avenues would you recommend to people within social media to keep their skills and industry knowledge up to date?

Ellis Wheatley: First and foremost, stay curious – other brands are doing social well and it pays to keep an eye on them.

I stay up to date with on-platform announcements and also regularly find inspiration on The Drum – which offers campaign roundups.

ADLIB: And finally, what piece of advice would you give your younger self, just entering social media as a professional? Is there any advice that could have helped you along the way?

Ellis Wheatley: “Have fun, speak up and get involved!”

Remember, you’re in an industry that Brits choose to immerse themselves in for up to 2 hours a day… and your day job is all part of that fun!

So don’t sweat it: enjoy your work and get excited about your channels and the content that you create.

Thank You Ellis for sharing!

Scale Up Bristol!