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Aaron Drury, new starters and the joys of fully remote working!

With much talk about whether people will head back to the office or not (FYI, there are very, very few clients of ADLIB’s that don’t say anything other than it’s fully remote or a hybrid model moving forward), we’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate the opportunity that fully remote working has opened up for ADLIB.

Step forward, Aaron Drury. At the height of the pandemic, Aaron took the opportunity to move out of Bristol to join his partner in Brighton. Having somebody work fully remote was new territory for ADLIB and we were excited to see work.

It’s proven more than a few points. First up, Aaron is as connected to the team as the Bristol contingent. He’s also progressed his career at an incredible pace, earlier this year being promoted to Senior Recruiter and well on his way to his next promotion. He’s opened up an entirely new client base within the eCommerce space and welcomes his first team member, Josh Aptroot, this week. Josh will support Aaron in delivering exceptional eCommerce Project and Product Managers.

Flexible office space provides the perfect opportunity to blend remote working and having time face to face. Building out the team in and around the Brighton area wasn’t something we’d even considered a couple of years ago and here we are today, massive congratulations to Aaron for what he has achieved, and a great example of how remote working can bring opportunity and success.

Across ADLIB we’re currently hiring within our technology, UX, data, marketing and life science teams. We want to hear from anybody and everybody wherever you may be located and are very open to where you are in your career and what you’d like to achieve. Please get in touch if you’d like to open up a conversation.

We should also add that as 100% employee owned, B Corp business so you’ll enjoy much more than the standard recruitment package.

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