Scaling teams and placing niche talent.

  • BIOHM is a London-based biotech scale-up that is harmonising cultural and natural systems and decarbonising industries through radical solutions inspired by nature.
  • They were looking for an expert Material Science recruitment partner who would be able to provide a scalable model to grow their Engineering, Commercial, Operations, Research and Biology teams.
  • Over a period of 6 months, we helped to place 14 people which included Head of Business Development, Culture and Wellbeing Manager, Operations Manager, Molecular Mycologist, Production Engineer, Automation Engineer, Material Development Engineer, Lead Impact Analyst, Senior Biologist, and a Senior Chemist
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It is incredibly rare to find a recruiter who instantly understands the company-wide needs and culture, Biohm's unique philosophy and approach, and the radical first-of-their-kind biotechnologies that we develop. We were very privileged to find Zoe, who has single-handedly, with her expansive network, had a transformational impact on our team and company by recruiting unique, perfectly aligned, highly sought after, and difficult to find niche talent. It is an absolute joy to have worked with Zoe on the big recruitment push we experienced this year and look forward to many more in the future.

Ehab Sayed

CEO and Founder


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