True Team Diversity and Inclusion

Building a diverse and inclusive team is proven to drive increased employee engagement, creativity, innovation and profitability (and that's just for starters).

Our mission

Diversity and Inclusion isn’t a tick box exercise, it requires an engaged commitment to drive change and live and breathe an all-inclusive environment. We believe there is a wealth of untapped talent out there. We’re playing our part to identify and engage that talent into enjoyable and meaningful careers.

How we go about it 

As a B Corp, we are part of the movement that accelerates a global cultural shift to redefine success in business and to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy and workforce. We are committed to driving and championing diversity. 

We have established processes that ensure advertising roles as well as reviewing and shortlisting applicants are done in an inclusive way. We offer clients the option to opt into practices that may support their internal mission to build truly diverse teams. 

  • Each member of the ADLIB team is trained in the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion, focusing on what we’re best at: the recruitment process. We write all job ads following a formula that makes them truly inclusive and all applications are reviewed ensuring to minimize unconscious bias. 
  • We offer our clients to opt into “Blind Hiring”, which means that all CVs that we send across are ‘blind’, hiding information such as name, ethnicity, gender, educational institution and any contents that can reveal the candidate’s identity. In this way, we hope to support clients to keep the entire recruitment process inclusive, helping to eliminate factors that could result in unconscious bias.
  • We collaborate with industry partners, signposting our clients to additional support to understand the current state and approach to D&I. 
  • We have a team of D&I Ambassadors at ADLIB, that connect with the community and build relationships with those that share our mission of building truly diverse teams. In this way, all jobs that we amplify through our networks will reach a truly diverse audience.