Balancing Profit and Purpose – feat. Ethical Bedding

Our Q&A with James Higgins, CEO and Founder of Ethical Bedding.

The purpose of our series “Balancing Profit and Purpose” is to feature fellow B Corporations, to hopefully inspire many more to join the movement. We showcase those companies that meet rigorously verified standards of social and environmental performance, those that use business as a force for good. As a collective, B Corps are accelerating a global cultural shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Charlotte @ ADLIB: For some background information, who are you as a business and what makes your business offering unique?

James: Taking inspiration from my vision to leave the world as a better place for my children and inspire others to do the same, I founded Ethical Bedding. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make – from our raw materials and packaging to our manufacturing methods and processes. It is our mission to help you sleep better whilst protecting the natural world. We want to challenge the perception of how businesses can, and should, operate. Not limited to our products and service, but importantly our ability to influence consumer spending through education, and thus creating a societal mindset shift. With fairness and innovation front of mind, our products plant the seed of what is possible.

Charlotte @ ADLIB: What got you interested in joining the B Corp movement and what does being a B Corp mean to you?

James: Right from the start, when creating Ethical Bedding, I knew I wanted to be better; not just for me but for my inspiration, Rocco. My boy is the happiest little man and brings so much joy to the world, he also LOVES being outside in nature so it was incredibly important for me that he has something to enjoy in the future too. Being a B Corp means being better than those that came before. With this certificate we’re able to show these big corporations that it is possible to build a business that is not only sustainable in the long run, but sustainable for the planet too. What it comes down to, for me, is that it’s a stamp to show that you’re doing the right thing. But with or without it, you should be doing the right thing anyway. You can find out more about Our Mission here!

Charlotte @ ADLIB: Can you share a little bit about your B Corp story, what the process was like for you?

James: Becoming a B Corp is time and energy consuming. It’s certainly not easy and took months to officially become a B Corp. The first phase, deciding to commit, was a no-brainer and honestly the easiest part of the process. The B Lab assessment process was at times confusing and required a lot of details. It really is a long process but in the end when that certification comes through, you feel proud of your business and you really come out respecting other B Corp Businesses too.

Charlotte @ ADLIB: In your case, what does it mean for your workers, customers, community and environmental considerations?

James: By being a B Corp our workers know instantly that we value their efforts over money. If you  make sure your team is treated correctly in every sense of the word, then the business will succeed without a doubt. By having a blatant disregard for your employees and only being interested in profits, you are instantly setting yourself up for failure.

If you want your company to be a success, you absolutely have to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable work life for your employees.

I feel that this shines through to our customers as times are changing and a lot is coming out of the woodwork about corporate greed and the lack of consideration for our environment. Given there is so much pressure on the general public to change their ways but none on larger corporations, people are starting to favour those businesses that are making genuine efforts to improve their ethics.

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