Creating an inclusive workforce – feat. Digital Detox

We caught up with MotherBoard Signatory Digital Detox. Digital Detox is a humanity-led digital product agency, specialising in design, full stack development, startup tech partnerships and digital transformation.

MotherBoard is a community, meetup series & charter that has been created to drive positive change throughout the UK Technology and Data sectors, all about creating environments that support the inclusion of working mothers.

The purpose of this series of interviews is to shine a light on incredible working mums within tech & data, as well as businesses and leaders that are supportive and progressive within their approach to creating more inclusive tech & data teams for women. We feature inspiring mums, tech leaders and businesses that support the inclusion of mums within tech & data, and those who are creating positive impact within their teams to create a better gender balance.

Why did you become a signatory of the MotherBoard Charter and why does it matter to you?

As a humanity-led digital product agency, we love technology, we’re rather fond of the planet, and most importantly, we care about people. In fact, everything we do at Digital Detox revolves around these three core pillars, which meant signing the MotherBoard Charter was a no brainer. Diversity, inclusion, culture, fairness, support; they’re all key areas of how we work. People and purpose are what makes profit, not the other way around.

We can already be faced with various diversity and inclusion issues in our industry: it’s fair to say the tech world is painted out to be one primarily for men. So what better opportunity than to join a community of like-minded businesses looking to support Mum’s – Mum’s who are also inspirational tech and business leaders. It’s rare to hear a man talk about having to ‘park their career’ for children, which is a narrative that as a collective, we’d like to see change. Fundamentally, no parent should ever have to choose between a career or children, and whilst both are a privilege and not possible for all, for those who are afforded that opportunity, take it, and relish.

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