Data and Insight Talent & Skills Snapshot 2021 – SW

Here, a Data & Insight sector talent and skills overview, specifically for the South West, based on ADLIB internal data and knowledge.

We’re publishing Technology, Data, Engineering, Science, Sustainability, eCommerce, Marketing and Design sector specific Talent & Skills Snapshots over the next few weeks to share and provide sector knowledge specific to the Bristol and Bath regions.

Sector overview

Data hiring remains high on the agenda of most local businesses with a growing demand for Data Engineers, Data Architects & Data Scientists. As more and more companies migrate to the cloud and become more data-driven, there is an ever-increasing need to hire more data professionals who can help companies become data-driven and take advantage of the ROI that comes with being able to use data more effectively and build predictive analytics as well as using AI/ML in their products and across their business.

Talent overview

Whilst competition for talent is ever increasing in the data space, there are more and more businesses using advanced cloud data setups and building data science teams which has drawn plenty of relocators to the city. This combined with a lot more companies offering some degree of remote working is ensuring the talent is available for the companies that need them.

Skills in demand

Following a big push on hiring for Data Scientists in 2019, 2020 has shown an increased need for Cloud Data Architects and Cloud Data Engineers as more and more businesses migrate to the cloud and take advantage of the increased availability of data when they have done so. In addition, many companies have researched algorithms and data science models and now need to deploy these into their systems and products, which has meant that Data Engineers have been needed to accomplish this.

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