Data Governance & Management Snapshot 2022

We recently completed a Data, Insight & Analytics Employment Guide, using data collected via a detailed survey of industry professionals. We then combined the data with ADLIB’s extensive internal data and knowledge gained from operating within the Data sector to provide this snapshot of the current Data Governance & Management Market

As more and more companies want to tap into the value of the data in their business, adopt cloud technology, have advance BI teams and look at data science solutions across their businesses, a lot are realising the importance of data quality, governance and management. The saying garbage in, garbage out is ringing true with investment needed alongside the core data roles, into solid data quality, governance and management. If the quality of the data in an organisation isn’t good enough, then all the investment in people, processes & technology falls down as it becomes meaningless if the data they sit on isn’t accurate. With the move to being data driven being accelerated by COVID, we are seeing a large uptick in hiring in the data governance & management space. This has lead to the market becoming candidate short and we are seeing an increase in contract roles in this space.

Our Consultant’s view – Alex Cosgrove, Head of Data, Insight & Analytics

“We’ve never been busier in the data governance, quality & management space and have seen a large uptick in requirements for these candidates from our clients. These are generally from larger businesses with larger data sets, where investment has been increasing across people & technology. Demand is far outpacing supply and we are seeing salaries increase by around 20% in this space to adjust for this. Candidates have the pick of the roles they want to go for and are going off the market quickly. This space generally lacks candidates at the junior end of the spectrum, with data analysis, data science & data engineering generally a more appealing career path, I predict an even further shortage of strong candidates in this space moving forward, with an increase in candidates moving to contracting to take advantage of the current state of the talent market in”

Top 5 key tech skills we see in Data Governance & Management:

  • SQL
  • Colibra
  • Axon

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