Data, Insight & Analytics Employment Guide 2022

First up, a huge thank you to all of those who have contributed and provided us with the information that has helped shape ADLIB’s 2022 Data, Insight & Analytics Employment Guide.

We set out to create a snapshot of the ‘Data, Insight & Analytics Employment’ sector, to provide real and useful insight, and as with our previous surveys, create a valuable tool for employers and employees alike.

We’ve been able to provide detailed insight into today’s Data, Insight & Analytics Employment market across the UK regarding topics such as retention and engagement, sector growth optimism, salary trends and the impact of COVID-19.

The results allow us to analyse the current state of the sector and perhaps glimpse into the future at where we are heading.

The data has been collated via direct respondents of an online survey, combined with ADLIB’s extensive internal data and knowledge gained from operating within this sector.

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Whether you are an employer, an employee, a business considering setting up a dedicated Data, Insight & Analytics Employment resource, function or department, you are growing your team, or are simply reading with interest – we hope you find this insightful.

Here, the findings: Data, Insight & Analytics Employment Guide 2022.

Please feel free to make contact if you’d like to get involved with one of our future surveys.

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