Design For All

Accessibility & inclusion. A series of interviews.

The purpose of the series ‘Design For All’ is to demonstrate the importance of inclusivity in design and share knowledge on how to create more inclusive and accessible design experiences.

We talk to people from all over the design community to capture their lived experience, discuss the current state of accessibility and inclusion in the industry and share the knowledge of those pushing for better inclusion through their design work.

  • Design For All feat. Tom Pinks

    Introducing Tom Pinks, Co-Production and User Experience Lead at Mind, the mental health charity. With a history at Samaritans and EF Education First, he recently…

  • Design For All feat. Oliver Quinlan

    Introducing Oliver Quinlan, Senior User Researcher at Government Digital Service, spearheading accessibility and inclusion initiatives for GOV.UK Forms. Oliver’s journey spans from education roles to…

  • Design For All feat. Elastic

    Here is our chat with Craig Abbott, Senior Designer at Elastic. Elastic is a leading platform for search-powered solutions in Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security….

  • Design For All feat. Kinneir Dufort

    We caught up with Brodie Willis, Senior Design Consultant at Kinneir Dufort, a user-centred design and product development consultancy in Bristol. The purpose of the…