Design: People, Work and Engagement Survey Results

In our recent People, Work and Engagement survey for the design sector, we asked a series of questions to better understand what’s important to people across the industry.

As part of this survey, we take a closer look at ‘Working Patterns,’ where we unravel the frequency of remote work, delve into preferences for hybrid models, and explore the challenges encountered along the way.


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Working Patterns

Here is a summary of our key findings:

  1. Pre-Pandemic to Post-Pandemic Shift: Before the pandemic, only 12% of adults reported working from home, but by 2023, this figure peaked at around 40%, indicating a significant shift in working patterns.
  2. Hybrid Working Dominates: In the survey, over half of respondents (52%) reported working in a hybrid model, with 40% working fully remotely. In-house designers tended to do more remote work compared to agency designers.
  3. Preferred Working Arrangements: When asked about desired working arrangements, 56% preferred some days in the office per week, with two days being the most popular choice. However, 30% opted for fully remote work.
  4. Employer Trends: While many clients offer fully remote working, the majority of design teams we recruited for in the last year offered hybrid working.
  5. Flexibility and Diversity: Employers offering flexibility can attract a more diverse pool of candidates, especially those with niche skillsets or located away from talent hubs.
  6. Challenges of Remote Work: Creating a fair and supportive remote work environment requires careful consideration of documentation, tools, processes, and communication. Many companies are still refining their long-term remote work policies.
  7. Individual Preferences: Remote working preferences vary, but the option to work remotely remains a top priority for many designers.

For a more in depth analysis and additional sections, view the the full People, Work and Engagement survey results.

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