Dive into Data: Beyond Recruitment

Each of the ADLIB teams has made a commitment to support a cause close to their hearts, a shared common goal they all believe in and want to champion.

Our data team’s vision is to change the misconception what it takes to break into and build a long term career in data. To help us achieve this, we “dive into data” to showcase the many avenues and routes – far beyond the perception that it’s all about being a genius in maths, engineering and science oriented qualifications and how data brilliance is also fuelled by creative and business orientated minds.

Specifically, we feature the different backgrounds that can lead to a career in data. We share real life examples of how to get into fields such as Digital Analytics, Data Science, Marketing Analytics, Data Engineering , Data Analysis and Data Visualisation, whilst showcasing real life examples of the career paths that have unfolded.

We hope that this will make a real impact, to clear some myths and assumptions, in turn building confidence across a wider audience that a career in data may be for them. If you’d like to get involved please do get in touch – we’d love to chat through how we could join forces to spread the word far and wide.

Check back in tomorrow to read the first feature, which is all about building a career in Digital Analytics.

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Alex Cosgrove