eCommerce Evolution – our Q&A with Best Response Media

We caught up with David Wain-Heapy, Director and Co-founder of Best Response Media, bringing eCommerce companies closer to their customers.

As part of our series “eCommerce Evolution”, we feature, showcase and share knowledge, expert views and wisdom on the eCommerce market and how it is evolving around us.

Aaron @ADLIB: Could you please introduce yourself as well as your agency name?

David: I am David Wain-Heapy, a Director and co-founder of Best Response Media. We are an ecommerce agency headquartered in King’s Cross, Central London.

Aaron @ADLIB: How have you and your team evolved recently, with the world around us?

David: We are constantly evolving to stay on the cutting edge of ecommerce. The industry moves very fast and our clients look to us as their trusted advisors for how they can remain competitive online. As a result of this, we have a culture of continuous improvement within the agency. In addition to project retrospectives, we run quarterly agency wide retrospective meetings where we discuss challenges and how to overcome them on an agency basis.

Aaron @ADLIB: How have your client relationships and processes evolved to accommodate the shifts within eCommerce?

David: As mentioned previously, our clients look to us not just as executors of their ideas, but to bring ideas to the table. They want us to tell them what they should be doing next, whether that is focussing on growing average order value or running a conversion rate optimisation campaign.

Everything we do is guided by the data. We regularly monitor the competitive landscape and our client’s position so that we show them the best opportunities for continued growth.

Aaron @ADLIB: What technology does your agency specialise in, and how does that compare to other existing and emerging tech?

David: We are an Adobe Gold partner and work with the Adobe (Magento) Commerce Platform. We pride ourselves on providing world class Magento development services. In addition to this, we work with a range of technologies in order to focus on delivering continuous conversion improvements for our clients.

Aaron @ADLIB: Which market trends do you foresee within eCommerce?

David: There are many, many trends that will be coming in the future. However, the big thing that we are seeing at the moment is how merchants can effectively compete with Amazon. The one thing that Amazon struggles with is the personal touch and building a connection with its customers.

This is where smaller retailers and merchants are able to win. Whether that is working on a well designed loyalty program that offers more than just points and discounts but focuses on unique experiences for their customers, implementing customer surveys and feedback to help them further improve their products and services or even becoming a B-Corp, this is where savvy merchants should be focusing their attention.

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