Future of Digital Leaders – Here’s 15 Lego WeDo kits on us

ADLIB’s overarching mission is to enable growth and to support individuals and businesses to achieve their ambitions. As part of this, we’ve carefully crafted initiatives to address common challenges we hear often named as barriers to enabling growth: upskilling opportunities, finding the right talent, leadership capacity as well as closing the skills gap. On that note, “closing the skills gap”…

There’s a lot of talk about educational systems vs real-life skill requirements in today’s digital world. A topic often looked at in a negative light – highlighting a disconnect. But we recently came across a video that caught our eye, one we wanted to share to highlight that schools are doing their bit to get the funds needed to support and educate vital skill sets for the future.

Nowadays at primary school level, kids are taught about e-safety, making computing resources and they learn how to support their teachers with computing. Kids also make sure the computing equipment is looked after across the school.

A great local example is St John’s Primary School in Bristol. They are running a “Digital Leaders” programme for kids to learn and take responsibility for all of the above. Children apply to be part of the programme (by writing a letter about Why they want to be involved). Two kids are then chosen from each class, with the support of dedicated teachers to learn about and help with the school’s computing. Pretty impressive.

Check out this recent video from St John’s Primary School Digital Leader team as they bid to win funding from in the BT Tech Factor. It’s brilliant to see the effort and passion that goes into it.

The bad news is they didn’t win the funding, boooooooooooo, we can only imagine the competition was fierce. Imagine their faces. We couldn’t, so to be true to our mission to do our bit to close the tech skills gap, we’ve stepped forward and donated 15 Lego WeDo sets to the school.

There’s more to come on this story however, for the time being, we’re delighted to hear the kids (and teachers!) are loving the sets. If we can do our part to inspire even one budding career from this early age, we’ll have achieved our goal.

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