Head in the Cloud Launch – ADLIB & Dyson Meetup

We’re super excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Dyson to bring you Head in the Cloud – South West.

Our initiative for this meetup series is to provide expert insight and thought-provoking discussions on the rapid and constantly growing World of Cloud. We’ll be running regular events with a range of lightning presentations, round-room debates and panel discussions from some of the South West’s leaders in Cloud Technology.

The events are open to anybody interested in the developments of Cloud; techies and non-techies alike. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to learn something new, or are new to the tech scene and simply looking to grow your knowledge, we’d love to welcome you along!

Our launch event will take place at 6:30 pm on the 24th of October at Dyson’s brand-new Bristol office. Our expert speakers for the evening are:

Simon Sleight, Data scientist and CTO at KETL home to the Clekt Data Platform and a Service
His Topic: Launching a data platform based on Snowflake – using “old skills” in a new world.

Jez Daniels, Certified AWS Cloud Systems Architect at Sparkol
His Topic: “It’s not scalable” and other Serverless Myths.

Roger Dunbar, Senior Software Engineer at Dyson
His Topic: Productivity, Learning & Quality through Mob programming

If you’d like to attend Head in the Cloud – The Launch, please sign up on our Meetup page. Hurry though, spaces are going fast!

On the other hand, if you’d be interested in speaking at one of our upcoming events, please email Alex Cosgrove or Joe Mawson.

See you there!