Imogen and Marta – Welcome to Team Science

Introducing the latest additions to our growing Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Recruitment team: Welcome Imogen Turner and Marta Korec

Marta holds a First-Class Honours degree in Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience from Leicester University, she previously worked as a Technology Business Development Executive. 

Marta provides recruitment expertise within the Biomedical Engineering, Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering, Medical Device, Instrumentation, and Imaging fields across the UK, for start-ups and scale-ups through to international organisations. 

Please connect with Marta on LinkedIn here.  

Imogen holds a Masters Degree in Environment Policy & Management, where she researched the policy and practice of Mytilus edulis (Blue Mussel) aquaculture in South-West England. She also has an upper-second class degree in Environmental Science where she reviewed the husbandry component of Atlantic Salmon ( S a l m o s a l a r ) farming within EIA, in relation to 2006 CIEEM Guidelines. 

Imogen provides recruitment expertise within the Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health domains covering synthetic biology, environmental science, sustainability, agritech, animal and veterinary science, soil science and microbiology. 

She has worked as a volunteer for Project Tiger (Ranthambore National Park, India) and  Project Wallacea (Biodiversity & Climate Research, Cuba and Madagascar). 

Please connect with Imogen on LinkedIn here if you’re looking to make a new hire or discuss Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences roles. 

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